Thursday, May 23, 2024

Carman Wins 64 Car Shootout At The Million!

MONTGOMERY, Ala. – The 23rd Annual Million Dollar Race kicked off on Wednesday with a free test and tune along with a 64 car shootout.  Racers competed in the shootout looking to collect one of five free Million Dollar Race entries.

In the final round it was Scott Carman taking home the shootout victory over a red-lighting Joe Partin.  For the win, Carman was awarded a free entry for the entire week while Partin collected a $2k entry into the Million.

Other racers collecting a free $2k entry into the Million included Brian Folk, Carl Drake, and Troy Williams Jr.

Hunter Patton, Curt Harvey II, Ken Grant, and Dave Connolly all just missed the free entry to the Million when they fell in round 4, just one round short of the money.

64 Car Shootout Qualifiers:

Jake Clayton 0.004
Brian Folk 0.004
Peeps Pennington 0.004
Troy Poindexter 0.006
Sheldon Crane 0.007
Cameron Manuel 0.007
Jeff Serra 0.007
Trey Sholar 0.008
Chuck Sanders 0.008
Mark Horton 0.009
Robert Joines 0.009
Chad Bryant 0.010
Hunter Patton 0.010
Jamie Bridge 0.010
Bart Nelson 0.010
Brandon Barker 0.010
Rick Perry 0.011
Steve Law 0.011
Don Bradford 0.011
Scott Carman 0.012
Shawn Bailey 0.012
Mark Horton 0.012
Greg Roberts 0.013
Roy Martinez 0.013
Chris Cadle 0.014
Ken Jones 0.015
Brad Young 0.015
Charlie Butler 0.015
Carl Drake 0.016
Brad Clarke 0.017
Brandon Jones 0.017
Ken Sullivan 0.017
Troy Williams 0.017
Dave Triplett 0.018
Mike Crick 0.018
Austin Tadlock 0.018
Schuyler Turner 0.018
Doug Clark 0.019
Ricky Pennington 0.019
Dallas Page 0.019
Donny Burleson 0.019
Denise Young 0.019
Joe Partin 0.020
Curt Harvey II 0.020
Gary Ingold 0.020
Denise Young 0.020
Tim Klopfenstein Jr 0.020
Gage Burch 0.021
Jared Wilson 0.021
Zach Schlumpf 0.021
Wes May 0.021
Bryson Scruggs 0.021
Jeff Duck 0.021
Mike Ogilvie 0.021
Tristian Sholar 0.021
Mike Buchwald 0.021
Mark Tyacke 0.022
Rickey Boggs 0.022
Melissa Young 0.022
Dave Connolly 0.022
Mike Creasey 0.022
Blaine Shamblin 0.022
David Mascaro 0.022
Cody Wiggins 0.023
Michael Hart 0.023
Brad Taylor 0.023
Erica Baker 0.023
Ken Grant 0.023

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