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Darlington Dragway Wins IHRA Division 9 Summit Team Finals

Home track Darlington Dragway outdistanced the competition at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 9 (Raiders) Summit Team Finals last weekend.

Darlington Dragway won by a 60-47 margin over runner-up Farmington Dragway. Other tracks who participated were: Greer Dragway, Union County Dragway, Coastal Plains Dragway, Ware Shoals Dragway, South Carolina Motorplex, Elk Creek Dragway, Dorchester Dragway and Pageland Dragway.

Darlington Team Champs IHRA Division 9 Bracket Finals

Leading up to the main event, racers participated in Gambler’s races and “best of” awards.

Division 9

Main Event:


Jason Leary from Coastal Plains Dragway won on a holeshot with a .002 reaction time to go along with a 6.832-second run on a 6.80 dial-in. His final-round opponent, Steve Hilburn from Darlington Dragway, posted a 6.361-second pass against a 6.33 dial-in after a .064 reaction time.

Sunday MainEvent Top Winner


Tommy Duff, representing Coastal Plains Dragway, raced to the win with a .022 reaction time and a 7.157 elapsed time against a 7.14 dial-in. Perry Green from Darlington Dragway finished runner-up despite a .003 reaction time. He had a 7.416-elapsed time against a 7.42 dial-in.

Sunday MainEvent Mod Winner

No Box

Andrea Sweat, representing Ware Shoals Dragway, put together the winning combination with a .003 reaction time and a 5.747-elapsed time against a 5.74 dial-in. Hunter Rogers from Darlington Dragway finished runner-up with a 7.105-second elapsed time against a 7.17 dial-in and a .039 reaction time.

Sunday MainEvent NoBox Winner

Junior Dragster

Parker Dotson from Greer Dragway took the victory going 8.139 seconds against an 8.10 dial-in. He also had a slightly quicker reaction time .062 to .073 than runner-up Branson Hutchens of Farmington Dragway. Hutchens run was an 8.65-elapsed time against an 8.55 dial-in.

Sunday MainEvent JR Winner

Other Results

Friday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Craig Hipp (Union County) 6.413 on a 5.40 dial-in, .040 reaction time defeated Richard Dunaway (Greer) 6.421 on a 6.49 dial-in, -.006 reaction time.

No Box — Travis Peake (Darlington) 5.852 on a 5.85 dial-in, .016 reaction time defeated Lonnie Stoudemire (Union County) 7.599 on a 7.61 dial-in, .017 reaction time.

Mod — Travis Peake (Darlington) 5.855 on a 5.85 dial-in, .022 reaction time defeated Wayne Made (Elk Creek) 6.251 on a 6.26 dial-in, -.006 reaction time.

Junior — Shelby White (Dorchester) 7.952 on a 7.94 dial-in, .212 reaction time defeated Braylee Griffith (Elk Creek) 9.070 on an 9.08 dial-in, .019 reaction time.

Race of Champions

Top — Rick Champion (SC Motorplex) 6.118 on a 6.12 dial-in, .011 reaction time defeated James McCutcheon (Elk Creek) 4.680 on a 4.69 dial-in, .017 reaction time.

Mod/No Box — Ernie Humes (Farmington) 6.831 on a 6.83 dial-in, .045 reaction time defeated Aaron Brock (Darlington) 7.030 on a 6.99 dial-in, .030 reaction time.

Junior — Connor Caulder (Fayetteville) 7.879 on a 7.90 dial-in, .051 reaction time defeated Dylan Branscome (Farmington) 7.879 on an 7.90 dial-in, .025 reaction time

Saturday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — Bobby Turner (SC Motorplex) 5.399 on a 5.39 dial-in, .019 reaction time defeated Johnny Hellmans (Ware Shoals) 6.031 on a 6.07 dial-in, .022 reaction time.

No Box — David Richardson (Darlington) 6.412 on a 5.85 dial-in, .123 reaction time defeated Casey Sims (Greer) 6.126 on an 6.10 dial-in, -.005 reaction time.

Mod — Jerry Cline (Darlington) 6.096 on a 6.08 dial-in, .038 reaction time defeated Nathan Sexton (Elk Creek) 8.223 on an 8.25 dial-in, .029 reaction time.

Junior — Brian Yerger (Farmington) 8.077 on an 8.01 dial-in, .022 reaction time defeated Lauren Overfelt (Elk Creek) 7.936 on a 7.92 dial-in, -.013 reaction time.

Team Standings

  1. Darlington Dragway                 60
  2. Farmington Dragway               47
  3. Greer Dragway                         38
  4. Union County Dragway           35
  5. Coastal Plains Dragway           32
  6. Ware Shoals Dragway              32
  7. South Carolina Motorplex       29
  8. Elk Creek Dragway                   27
  9. Dorchester Dragway                26
  10. Pageland Dragway                   9

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