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Dragway 42 Takes Home IHRA Division 3 Summit Team Finals Championship

NEW ALEXANDRIA, Pa. — Dragway 42 claimed the championship at the International Hot Rod Association (IHRA) Division 3 (North Stars) Summit Team Finals held over the weekend at Keystone Raceway Park.

Dragway 42 captured the team title 78-52 over Lancaster National Speedway and Dragway which finished the weekend in the runner-up spot.

Other tracks who participated were: Quaker City Motorsports Park, Keystone Raceway Park, Empire Dragway, Thompson Raceway Park, Beaver Springs Dragway, I-64 Motorplex, and SkyView Drags.

Leading up to the main event, racers participated in a Gambler’s race, Race of Champions race and “best of” awards.

Main Event:


Billy Leasure (Dragway 42) defeated Joe Soucek Jr., (Dragway42) .015 reaction time matching his 4.92 dial-in on a 135.71 mph run. Soucek Jr. had a .004 reaction time and went down the track with a 6.08 second pass at 113.90 mph.


Pete D’Agnolo (Empire Dragway) claimed the top prize with a .023 reaction time 5.99 second run at 110.84 mph. Runner-up Ryan Ricketson (Lancaster National Speedway and Dragway) went down the track with a .018 6.36 second pass at 108.02 mph.


Jeff Fryfogle (Quaker City Motorsports Park) defeated Steve Klacik (Quaker City Motorsports Park) on a hole shot with a .045 reaction time 8.72 second pass at 68.22 mph.  Runner-up Klacik went down the track with a .054 reaction time 10.26 reaction time at 67.56 mph.

Junior Dragster

John Vergotz Jr., (Thompson Raceway Park) took home the victory in Junior Dragsters over runner-up Landyn Seal (Dragway 42).  Vergotz went down the track with a .044 reaction time 8.30 second pass at 75.94 mph.  Seal had a .093 reaction time with a quicker but losing 7.92 second pass at 82.22 mph.


Matt Powell (Keystone Raceway Park) matched his dial-in of 8.27 and defeated runner-up Rick Poole (Quaker City Motorsports Park) with a .092 reaction time 8.27 second pass at 84.78 mph. Poole had a .066 reaction time with a 5.73 second pass at 117.46 mph.

Other Results

Team Captains Race

Gary Harper (Dragway 42) defeated  Tim Goodman (Thompson) with a .049 reaction time 10.34 second pass at 64.31 mph. Goodman went down the track with a .080 reaction time at 11.97 seconds 55.85 mph.


Thursday’s Gambler’s Race

Top — A.J. Casper from Jeanette, Pa., 7.38 on a 6.93 dial-in, .006 reaction time defeated  Schulyer Turner from Fostoria, Ohio, 7.14 on a 4.78 dial-in, -.003 reaction time.

Mod — Russell Terrill of North Benton, Ohio, 6.44 on a 6.44 dial-in, .031 reaction time defeated Jeff Jacko of LaGrange, Ohio, 6.96 on a 6.95 dial-in, .045 reaction time.

Junior — Cadance Soucek of Rittman, Ohio, 9.02 on an 8.95 dial-in, .044 reaction time defeated Blake Molnar Hinckley, Ohio 7.98 on a 7.95 dial-in, .106 reaction time.

Bike — Matt Powell from New Alexandria, Pa., 8.27 on an 8.26 dial-in, .077 reaction time defeated Dave Carpenter from Duncannon, Pa., 6.00 on a 6.00 dial-in, .110 reaction time.


Race of Champions

Top — Steve Lenig (Beaver Springs) 4.91 on a 4.91 dial-in, .049 reaction time defeated Mike Lynd (I-64 Motorplex) 5.82 on a 5.83 dial-in, .023 reaction time.

Mod — Niki Thomas (Keystone Raceway Park) 6.41 on a 6.40 dial-in, .018 reaction time defeated Rob Baab (Thompson) 6.77 on a 6.77 dial-in, .027 reaction time.

Junior — Kyle Hughes (Quaker City) 8.14 on an 8.09 dial-in, .033 reaction time defeated Aiden Mackert (Beaver Springs) 12.17 on a 12.18 dial-in, .035 reaction time.

Bike—  Dave Carpenter (Beaver Springs) 5.95 on a 5.93 dial-in, .071 reaction time defeated Paugh Perry (Dragway 42) 5.12 on a 5.14 dial-in, .112 reaction time.


Special Awards

  • Best Appearing Open Bodied Car — Mickey Vance, I-64 Motorplex
  • Best Engineered Open Bodied Car — Rick Clay, Keystone Raceway Park
  • Best Appearing Full Bodied Car — Phil Scarlata, Empire Dragway
  • Best Engineered Full Bodied Car — Tim Miller, Quaker City Motorsports Park
  • Best Appearing Junior Dragster — Aiden Mackert, Beaver Springs Dragway
  • Best Engineered Junior Dragster — Landyn Seal, Dragway 42
  • Best Appearing Motorcycle — Ken Koby, Quaker City Motorsports Park
  • Best Engineered Motorcycle — Perry Paugh, Dragway 42
  • Best Team Spirit — Beaver Springs Dragway
  • Best Appearing Sponsor Banner — Quaker City Motorsports Park
  • Best Appearing Grandstands — Dragway 42
  • Best Appearing Team — Dragway 42


Team Standings

  1. Dragway 42                                                78
  2. Lancaster Dragway                                     52
  3. Quaker City Motorsports Park                    47
  4. Keystone Raceway Park                              47
  5. Empire Dragway                                         45
  6. Thompson Raceway Park                           41
  7. Beaver Springs Dragway                            32
  8. I-64 Motorplex                                           26
  9. SkyView Drags                                             3

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