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2018 CatSpot NHRA Northwest Nationals Super Stock Results

KENT, Wash. – Current Super Stock world champion Justin Lamb added another Wally to his impressive collection with his Super Stock win at the CatSpot NHRA Northwest Nationals.  Lamb, of Henderson, Nevada, drove his ’10 Chevrolet Cobalt to the Pacific Raceways winner’s circle after defeating Coos Bay, Oregon racer Kory Alby in the final round.

Lamb was superb on the starting line throughout eliminations with a .020 average reaction time.  Although Lamb was solid at the tree, he only grabbed the starting line advantage in one of his five round wins as his competitors stepped up big time against the champ.  As good as Lamb was at the starting line, his Cobalt was spectacular all weekend.  In four of his five rounds, Lamb’s racecar would have ran dead-on his dial-in had he made all-out passes in those rounds.  Solid reactions paired with a deadly consistent race car proved to be the winning ticket once again for Justin.

Lamb’s march to victory lane began with first round defeat of Alan Falcone.  Falcone cut a stellar .003 light but couldn’t run close to his dial which allowed Lamb’s .013 R.T and .039 over 8.519 to take the easy win.

After second round opponent Vincent Storms went red, Lamb paired up against Cody Lane in round three.  In the only round where he captured the starting line advantage, Lamb used a .023 R.T. paired with a .03 over 8.490 to easily defeat Lane.  Although Lane could have run dead-on his dial-in, he dumped at the finish to kill .03 and go .029 above when his .044 R.T. put him behind Lamb at the finish.

Lamb pulled off a super close .001 victory in the semifinals against Dave Barcelon.  Barcelon left first with a .033 R.T. to Lamb’s .033 R.T. (his worst of the weekend).  At the finish line, both racer’s looked to have whacked the throttle at least once as they both dropped a few mph.  In the end, Lamb got there first by .001 to take the win and move into his 34th national event final round.  Lamb was .018 above for a .056 package while Barcelon was .024 above for a .057 package.  Editor’s note – it looked as though both driver’s would have ran dead-on their index’s had they not lifted at the finish.

In the final, Lamb overcame Alby’s perfect, trip-zip, reaction time to capture the win after Alby took the stripe by .059 to break-out.  Alby dropped at the finish line killing .04 to go -.024 under his dial-in.  Lamb was .016 at the tree and could have run dead-on his 8.50 index had he not dropped at the finish to a .019 above 8.519 winning E.T.

Alby, driving his ’68 Chevelle, averaged a .019 reaction time for the event which allowed him to capture the starting line advantage in every round.

Although Alby’s Chevelle was consistently on 11.22 passes during eliminations, he typically dialed in the upper 11.20 range holding as much as .07.  Alby’s path to the final included two double-breakout victories along with close win over Jackie Alley when he killed .04 to go dead-on with a three in taking a train length at the stripe (.108).

Alby also survived a close double-breakout win in the semifinal round when opponent Darrell Stobbe followed Alby through the finish by .115 (about 18 feet) but broke out .008 more than Alby after killing .04 to go -.015 under his dial-in.

Once again, Justin Lamb showed us that he is one of the best racer’s of our time.  After winning four national championships, two last year alone, he continues to rack up wins in both Super Stock and Stock this year.  If he continues driving this well the rest of the year, he could very easily be holding another national championship trophy in November.

Congratulations to Justin and his family on their latest victory!

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