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2018 NHRA Mile-High Nationals Super Street Results

Morrison, CO – Brian Percival of Lakewood, Colorado picked up his second National Event win at the recently completed NHRA Mile-High Nationals at Bandimere Speedway.  Percival’s second triumph on the mountain came at the expense of first time finalist Michael Condon of Aurora, Colorado.  Percival now has two wins in three national event finals.

The Winner

Percival drove both ends of the track exceptionally well during the weekend.  He had an outstanding .010 reaction time average over 5 rounds, including three double “0” reaction times, which gave him the starting line advantage in each round.

Percival’s run to the championship started with an easy break-out win over round one opponent Randy Cleveland.  Cleveland’s car was almost two tenths under the dial which gave Percival the easy win.

In round two, Percival controlled both ends of the track against competitor Scott Carpenter.  After his .002 light gave him a .024 advantage off the line, Percival showed his finish line expertise by killing .05 to post a 11.514 ET while taking just .009 stripe for the win.  Opponent Cleveland posted a breakout 11.499 ET in the loss.

Percival’s round three opponent was none other than super class star Trevor Larson.  Percival’s excellent .007 reaction gave him a slight advantage over Larson’s solid .012.  The real excitement was at the finish line as both driver’s were setup hot (both were holding about .04).  Both driver’s were on the brakes at the stripe but Percival’s 11.520 took the win after he fed Larson .027 at the stripe which forced Larson to a break-out 11.488 ET.  Percival drove an excellent race against a tough opponent.

Jason Schade was Percival’s opponent in the semi-final round.  After Percival’s .011 RT gave him a .014 advantage off the line, he had plenty of room down track to kill .04 and post a winning 11.522 when Schade dumped hard to a 11.57 ET.

The Runner-Up

Condon drove through the field to the final based on solid reaction times in addition to setting up around .03 quick and driving the finish line.

After first round opponent Fred Niles missed the dial and a second round red-light start by Jeff Ewing, Condon paired up against Gary Wambolt in the third round.  Condon’s .013 RT and 11.511 ET (.024 package) slammed the door on Wambolt’s .048 RT initiated 11.536 run.

Condon earned the easy win over semi-final opponent Justin Lowry when Lowry’s car posted an off pace 11.82 ET.

The Final Round

Percival once again took command of the race with another double “0” reaction time in the final.  After a .009 to .028 starting line advantage, Percival reached the finish line second after scrubbing the brakes to kill a hundred of ET.  In taking .008 at the stripe, the math didn’t work out for Condon as he posted an under the dial 11.488 ET which gave the win to Percival’s safe 11.515 ET.

Percival drove a tremendous race to earn another Wally.  Congratulations to Brian and his team for their awesome win!

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