Sunday, June 16, 2024

A Bracket Race Fan

I am an avid race fan.  I enjoy going to the races, especially bracket races.  Now before you put me in a strait jacket let me explain.  I have owned bracket cars before and I am currently building one. 

I enjoy being at race tracks and go by them in different cities even when they are closed.  I have “visited” over 30 drag strips across the US and Canada.  I appreciate all different forms of drag racing and basically all motorsports.  So I am a Motor Head!!! 

The reason I am writing this is to let everyone know that the racing community as a whole is a wonderful group of people that enjoy being around people who love drag racing.  Recently I went out to our local drag strip in San Antonio and met some interesting racers and their crews along with other “friends” I have come to know. 

One racer I noticed in particular had been on a podcast recently so I approached the racer, introduced myself and discussed his podcast appearance.  We spoke of other podcasts and some assorted racing junk and I let him go so he could get ready for his first time run. 

After his time run I went by his trailer and asked him how things were going.  We discussed his run and the track and I again let him get back to his business.  This went on during the night, after each run I would go by and check on his progress.  In the mean time I met his son and father. 

This was so cool that three generations were “racing” together.  After his night was done I checked in with him.  It was great to make a new friend at the race track. 

Not all racers are receptive to “fans” speaking with them.  Some are very intense and have to concentrate and do things a certain way to maintain their Psyche.  Others are shy and introverted and not comfortable speaking to others.  But most are very enthusiastic about telling you all about their car. 

Some have amazing stories of their grandmother buying the car new or the journey they had to pick up their race car.  The point is if you focus on the racer and his or her car usually you will find common ground and enjoy speaking with the racers. 

Spectating is so much more fun when you have someone you are rooting for.  Just someone you know even if you just spoke with them for a minute.  But a word of caution, do not bother a racer or crew member when they are having problems or working on the car. 

If they seem busy and don’t say hi you may want to keep a safe distance and not bother them.   

So racers, I believe it is up to you to encourage fans to come to the race track.  When they are there and walk by your pit say hi.  Ask them if they have or had a car.  Begin the interaction so you can have a fan for the night. 

If fans feel wanted and valued they will come back and maybe bring friends.  Drag racing and the race track experience is as much about the relationships and people as it is about the actual racing.  Just my opinion…..

A Race Fan, 

Not on File, or Floyd Lippencott Jr.

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