Big Country Raceway Thanksgiving Throwdown Results

The 7th Annual Thanksgiving Throwdown took place November 30th- December 1st at The Big Country Raceway in Abilene, Texas.

The event featured Super Pro, Pro Footbrake and Junior Dragster classes as well as two separate 32- car shootouts. The event was originally scheduled to start on Friday but due to weather, it was moved to Saturday and Sunday.

Results provided by The Big Country Raceway.

Saturday Results

TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: Jason McFarland was dead zero on the dial to score the win and the $7,500 first prize in Super Pro. Runner Up Billy Simpson made Jason work for it. Jason went .010 on the tree and toped out with a 6.320 on the dial. Billy was right there with a .013 light but ran 7.0433 on a 7.05, just a hair under the dial. Billy got there .009, so mighta, coulda, maybe.

Jason McFarland / Photo by raceabilene.com

13 SINS RACERAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Chad Sandlin took the $3,000 win in Footbrake thanks mainly to Marcus Cervantes breaking out by a pinch. Like a .0026 pinch. The numbers will also make you blink a few times. Chad was .034 and finished 6.86 over a 6.80 dial. Marcus was .008 on the tree and 5.9074 under his 5.91 dial. Flat Shabs, Patron Saint of Texas bracket racing, approves.

Chad Sandlin / Photo by raceabilene.com

MAX’S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Talon Farmer won the $400 payout in Jr Dragster, hitting a .032 light and running dead on with a one to finish at 7.901. Gramem Rufemacht had a decent .062 light then slowed to a 7.96 over the 7.90 dial. Since they started out with heads up 7.90 dials, Talon was pretty much in control all the way down to the finish.

Talon Farmer / Photo by raceabilene.com

SUPER PRO SHOOTOUT: It was getting pretty cold in the lanes and Super Pro decided to split with 4 cars left. Took the money and ran for the warm trailer.

PRO FOOTBRAKE SHOOTOUT: In a total repeat of the Footbrake Shootout at the Spooktacular, Chad Sandlin and Jake Howard were the last two men standing in Footbrake. Unlike last time when they split, they decided to run it off. Jake got the win after Chad went -.040 red.

Sunday Results

TOM THORP TRANSPORTS SUPER PRO: Mike Crader took the win in Sunday’s Super Pro final, while Jake Howard had to settle yet again for Sunday runner up status. Jake just slipped a little in the final, going -.006 red.

Mike Crader / Photo by raceabilene.com

13 SINS RACERAFT PRO FOOTBRAKE: Marcus Cervantes went from runner up in Footbrake yesterday to winner today. Kevin Hampton had to settle for runner up thanks to a -.006 red light. So both our Super Pro and Footbrake runner ups went the same -.006 red in the final. Strange Day.

Marcus Cervantes (2nd from left) / Photo by raceabilene.com

MAX’S AUTOMOTIVE JR DRAGSTER: Gramem Rufemacht also changed his luck from runner up status on Saturday to winner on Sunday. Gramem took out Grant Chittum in the final round of Jrs. Grant had a .078 reaction time and finished up 8.03 over his 8.00 dial. Gramem had a slightly better .069 light and took the stripe closer to the dial at 7.91 over his 7.90.

Gramem Rufemacht / Photo by raceabilene.com

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