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Champions Crowned at Working Man’s $10 Grands

Jason Folk, Rich Komor, Joe Hoskins, and Mark Buttram took home big wins at the Inaugural Working Man’s $10 Grands bracket race at Wagler Motorsports Park.

LYONS, IN. – The Inaugural Working Man’s $10 Grands event hosted by Final Call Promotions was an overwhelming success. The big money bracket race, held at Wagler Motorsports Park, was well attended and received tons of praise from the participants.

With $10,000 up for grabs on Saturday and Sunday, around 220 bracket racers ascended on the Indiana facility for a weekend of fun and competition. The Final Call Promotions team, lead by Jake Hodge, kept the action moving and the track in great shape throughout the weekend.

Working Mans 10 Grands Crew
Final Call Promotions Team Photo

The race was so well received, Jake Hodge and the team at Wagler Motorsports Park agreed to do it again in 2020. Mark your calendars for August 28-30, 2020 for the 2nd Annual Working Man’s $10 Grands.

The Working Man’s $10 Grands included $2,000 Gamblers races on Friday and Saturday night. Those events were highlighted by the two $10,000 main events on Saturday and Sunday.

See Jake Hodge discuss the Working Man’s $10 Grands with Gary Don Free at DragChamp.com.

One cool thing about the race was the No-Box winner had the option to take the $2,000 and walk away, or pay a small fee and join the Box class. Both No-Box winners paid the upgrade, joined the Box class, and both earned a spot in the $10,000 final round.

Final round coverage is listed below.

Friday $2K Gamblers Race Results

In the first final round of the weekend, Jason “Smoke” Folk claimed the $2K win after defeating Lester Atkins in the Gamblers race final. Both drivers let go .017 and ran dead-on their respective dial-ins.

Folk would claim the victory when his dead-5 edged out Atkins’ dead-9 by .004. See the final round video below.

Jason Folk Working Mans 10 Grands
Jason Folk
Lester Atkins Friday Runner up
Lester Atkins

Saturday $10K Main Event Results

In the Saturday $10,000 main event, Rich Komor not only won the No-Box class for $2,000, he also claimed the Box class main event win! Komor drove his Nova through a talented field to dominate on Saturday.

In the final round, Komor was .041 and dead-9 to seal the deal. Rob Atchison, in his beautiful Monte Carlo, was .040 at the tree and .016 above in the loss. See the final round video below.

Rich Komor Saturday 10 grand winner
Rich Komor
Rob Atchison Working Mans 10 grands Sat RU
Rob Atchison

Saturday $2K Gamblers Race Results

In the Gamblers race on Saturday evening, Joe Hoskins drove his S-10 pickup to the $2,000 win after a close race with Justin Clark.

Hoskins was .013 and one above while Clark followed with a .014 and one above. That resulted in a .001 margin of victory for Hoskins.

Joe Hoskins Gamblers winner
Joe Hoskins
Justin Clark

Sunday $10K Race Results

The final main event of the weekend went to Mark Buttram who collected the $10,000 check over Rob Fisher. Prior to the final, Fisher drove his wagon through the No-Box field to earn a spot in the Box class.

Fisher made the most of his opportunity as he continued his winning ways all the way to the $10K final. There he would be stopped by Buttram and his Chevy Lumina. Fisher’s .018 take .001 was no good after Buttram was .013, dead-0. See the final round video below.

Mark Buttrum Sunday 10 Grand winner
Mark Buttram
Rob Fisher Working Mans 10 Grands
Rob Fisher

The Working Man’s $10 Grands included tons of giveaways, awards, and more. VP Racing Fuels was one of the sponsors who gave away racing fuel to some lucky winners.

vp racing fuels winners from working mans 10 grands

And that wraps up the Inaugural Working Man’s $10 Grands! Based on the excitement created at the first one, you don’t want to miss the next one! Mark your calendars now for Aug. 28-30, 2020!

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