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DragChamp Racer Blog with Brody Quick – Downtime

This week Brody Quick delivers the latest update in his DragChamp Racer Blog series. Although work and bad weather kept Brody away from the track lately, he found a way to entertain us anyway.

Rest, Recuperation, and Racing

After a very successful June my racing program practically hit a stopping point for the entire month of July. Following a month where I won a race and Hunter Whitehead won a $10K in Butterbean, I only had one opportunity to visit a racetrack in the last five weeks.

DragChamp Logo

That’s probably the longest stint I’ve spent away from the “strip” besides the winter since I began driving. Rain and work seemed to get in the way.

In my off time I did manage to spend time with some friends and rest up a little before preparing for a big fall racing adventure.

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Gleghorn Goes Viral

I was able to make one small claim to fame as my screen recording of Ryan Gleghorn’s in-car announcing job at the World Footbrake Challenge went viral on Facebook for a few days. See the video below.

One weekend was spent in Shelbyville, TN where Seth Lancaster and I helped our good buddy and fellow #NextGen team member Zack Hitchcock move into a new house and break in his new pool.

We also happened to grab dinner with bottom bulb legend “Mean” Josh Green. Thanks for the hospitality!

Dinner with Josh Green

My only trip to the track was the last weekend of the month at Lassiter Mountain. To say the least it was a very underwhelming performance for myself. NextGen did however get to take a winner circle picture with Cody Barnhart as he took home the victory in Footbrake.

Cody Barnhart winners circle

Next Gen

I have a lot of good friends. Most often we refer to ourselves as #NextGen. This group of young guys, mainly from the southeast, decided to create a group Snapchat almost three years ago. We continue to grow our friendships and add members to our “team”.

With that in mind, they decided to throw me and my twin brother a 21st birthday party at the lake and we had a blast! The craziest person I know (Ryan Gleghorn) even drove 10 hours from the Fort Worth, TX area to experience Lassiter Mountain on Friday and hang out with us the entire weekend.

Brody Quick 21st birthday party

Free $5K Race at Baileyton Dragstrip

I’ve really been focusing on a new area for myself in the racing world as I partnered up with Russ Easterwood and Baileyton Dragstrip to promote the Baileyton FREE $5K on August 10th.

As nervous as I am about it, I am very excited to dabble on the other side of an event. The process of putting together a race has also humbled me and has made me realize just how much work it takes to get everything going.

So if you are in the North Alabama area that weekend or want to come experience one of the state’s coolest tracks, the entry fee is 100% free!

Free 5K Bracket Race Baileyton Dragstrip

With that being said I’d like to thank the companies and people that have jumped on board to help sponsor and give away prizes.

  • Maggart’s Specialty Sales
  • Hoosier Racing Tire
  • DragRaceSolutions.com
  • Siebert Performance
  • Huntsville Engine
  • House of Smoke
  • Drag Coverage
  • Accelerated Graphics and Signs
  • Drag Champ
Brody Quick drag racer

About the author: Brody Quick has been involved in drag racing his entire life. His first ride came at the age of 7 in a Jr. dragster. After a successful Jr. career, Brody took the wheel of “Butterbean”, his family’s ’67 Camaro. Aside from bracket racing in the Southeast, Brody operates the Next Gen Facebook page where details he and his friends racing adventures.

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