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DragChamp Sportsman Racing Top 10 List 7/3/19

Welcome to the DragChamp Top 10 List presented by In Motion Solutions

With history making payouts, the SFG 500 winners dominate the DragChamp Top 10 List this week. The SFG 500 was an epic bracket race that featured the best racers in the country. Those lucky enough to make the late rounds were awarded with huge paydays.

Although the SFG 500 stole the headlines, there were other big events around the country. Our job is to find the best of the best and highlight them on the list.

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So let’s get down to business and announce this week’s DragChamp Top 10 List!

DragChamp Top 10 List 7/3-19

1 – Gage Burch

No surprise here. Gage made history on Saturday night, well early Sunday morning when he won $525,000 at the SFG 500. Driving what’s been hailed as a $7,500 pickup truck, Gage worked his way through the 625-car field to meet Johnny Ezell in the final.

Gage Burch sfg 500

Gage ran dead on his dial in the last three rounds to collect the largest winners check in drag racing history. On top of that, Gage was runner up in the Thursday $50,000 race.

Gage Burch SFG 500 winner

This all came in a pickup truck that Gage had never sat in before. Looks to me like he got comfortable really quickly. He did mention the truck was really good. By the way, congrats to Matt Dadas for supplying the race winning vehicle to Gage.

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2 – Johnny Bracket Racer Ezell

Just a year and a half removed from winning the original Million Dollar bracket race, Ezell found himself in the final of another historic event. Touted as one of the best bracket racers in the country, Ezell showed his dominance by racing to the final round at the SFG 500.

johnny ezell sfg 525 runner up check

JBR continues to prove he’s one of the best in the business. Earlier this year Johnny collected a $30,000 win at the Spring Fling Vegas and followed it up with a $10,000 win the next week at the Texas Triple Tens.

3 – Chris Bear

Another racer who had a big weekend in Michigan was Chris Bear. Chris defeated Gage Burch in the Thursday $50,000 race at the SFG 500. But he wasn’t done. After final eliminations for the Friday $50K were pushed to Sunday, Chris continued his run for the money.

chris bear wins 50k thursday at sfg 500
sfg 500 friday 50k semifinal nick hastings vs chris bear

After racing to the Thursday win in his dragster, Chris drove to the semifinal round in his S-10 pickup on Sunday. There he came up a little short of eventual race winner Nick Hastings.

4 – Nasty Nick Hastings

Go figure, another big money event, another win for the guy they call Nasty. Nick Hastings took home the Sunday $50K for his latest big money bracket race win. He wadded through a field of around 700 cars to collect the big check.

Nasty Nick wins friday 50k at sfg 500
Nasty Nick Hastings SFG Friday 50k Winner

This guy continues to come up big on the biggest stages in sportsman drag racing.

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5 – Kyle Cultrera

Kyle Cultrera collected another big SFG win after taking down the 600+ car field at the Wednesday $20K Warm Up. This was his third final SFG final round in a year.

Kyle Cultrera wins Wed 20K at SFG 500

Cultrera won $15,000 at the SFG World Series last season and was also runner up to Jason Lynch at the $100,000 SFG Super Bowl.

6 – Jody Lang

Making a back-to-back appearance on the list is none other than Division 6 hitter Jody Lang. After grabbing the four spot last week, Jody slips to number 6 this week but not because he didn’t win.

Jody Lang  dragchamp top 10

After winning his 50th NHRA divisional Wally a week ago, he followed it up by winning the biggest footbrake race in the Northwest. Jody collected the win at Bemerton Raceway.

7 – Will Holloman

Traveling big money bracket racer Will Holloman had a solid weekend at the SFG. Although he didn’t earn a spot in the winners circle, he did perform well throughout the event.

sfg525 seminfinal ezell vs holloman

Will kicked off the week with a quarterfinal loss to Cultrera in Wednesday’s $20K. He followed that up with a semifinal loss to Johnny Ezell in the SFG 500 main event.

8 – Wesley Lockhart

Another racer making a return trip this week. Wesley Lockhart grabs the eight spot this week after he continued his recent streak. After a runner up at the Great American Bracket Race, Wesley has been killing it lately.

Wesley Lockhart dragchamp top 10

After a double win the week prior at Beacon Dragway, which included a $5K victory, Lockhart made the final in two classes over the weekend. His brother Charlie was the only man that could stop the clean sweep. Wesley earned a win in Box (swapping feet) and a runner up in No Box.

9 – Ryan Henry

Another week, another win for Ryan Henry. According to Nick Bowman, Ryan has been unbeatable lately. I believe he’s won at four different tracks this season.

Ryan Henry dragchamp top 10

Ryan parked his red Camaro in the Keystone Raceway winners circle this week. I also heard he was trip zip at the tree in the final round.

10 – Erica Baker

Grabbing the ten spot this week is Erica Baker. Erica won the Ladies Shootout on Friday to collect the $4,000 big check. She defeated Lindsey Beck in the final round.

Erica Baker SFG 500 Ladies Shootout Winner
Erica Baker SFG 500 Ladies Shootout Winner

A day later, Baker found herself in the split at the SFG 500 main event.

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Shout Outs

Because there’s always more than ten good stories each week, we’ve created a spot for those that just missed the list. These are racers that we want to recognize for their tremendous efforts.

Ricky Greer

Greer drove his Luv truck, has anybody else noticed that trucks killed it this week, to a clean sweep of the Footbrake class at the Farm. Greer grabbed two Footbrake wins at Farmington Dragway’s Firecracker 5000 bracket race.

Ricky Greer dragchamp top 10


Jeg Coughlin Jr. parked his Pro Stock Camaro to do a little bracket racing at the SFG 500. In the largest paying bracket race ever, Jeggie came up just short of the historic win after falling to Gage Burch in the semifinals. He got brownie points for driving his supercharged wagon to the semi’s.

Jeg Coughlin Jr SFG 500 Wagon

Doug Foley Jr.

The man they call 2-seater raced his way to the final round on Sunday’s $50K in a borrowed car. Although he came up just short of the big win, Foley did an amazing job after switching rides. I’m told he averaged an .006 reaction over the entire race weekend.

Doug Foley Jr dragchamp top 10

Rick Pitzer

At the Eddyville Raceway’s Ironman Shootout, Rick Pitzer picked up two Ironman trophies. Rick grabbed wins in the Modified and Sportsman classes.

Rick Pitzer dragchamp top 10

Tell us what you think, did we get it right? Who did we miss? We want to hear from you. Check us out on Facebook, share it with your friends. Let’s celebrate the success of this group of racers.

And remember, you can contribute to this list by commenting on our Facebook post every Monday evening. Thanks to all of those that commented this week. You guys rock!

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