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DragChamp Sportsman Racing Top Ten List 5/29/19

Welcome to this week’s DragChamp Top Ten List!

All I can say is wow! There were some unbelievable performances over the Memorial Day weekend. While most of the attention was focused on the Great American Bracket Race in Memphis, there were a host of big events across the country.

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Racers on the left coast enjoyed a huge bracket racing weekend in Fontana at the West Coast Classic. NHRA racers competed at the Division 3 SportsNational Open in Bowling Green and at the Division 1 Lucas Oil event at Maple Grove.

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It was a huge weekend for sportsman racing and here are the Top 10 performers.

1 – Richardson Boyz with Brad Plourd – With the best bracket racers in the country competing in a team format, the Richardson team demolished the field. One of the main attractions at the GABR was the Dream Team Challenge.

Richardson Boyz 2019 Dream Team Champs
Richardson Boyz with Brad Plourd

Teams of five competed head to head until one team remained. The Richardson team consisting of Edmond, his sons Blake & Austin, brother Scotty, and “Bad” Brad Plourd won everything.

They dominated the Dream Team Challenge winning both the Tob Bulb and Footbrake team events in impressive fashion. In an event that featured a stacked field, it was almost of unbelievable they were able to come out on top in both categories. Definitely a DragChamp worthy performance.

2 – Duston Wurtz – When the schedule changed in Fontana, the Saturday and Sunday $10K’s were combined into one $20K. At the end of the night, Dustin Wurtz stood alone in the winners circle after racing himself in the final round. To make the night even more special, Duston went undefeated in both entries on the day.

Duston Wurtz 2019 West Coast Classic winner and runner up
Duston Wurtz

In addition to his Memorial Day performance, Duston recently won Top Dragster at the Division 6 Ignitor at Firebird Raceway.

3 – Curt Harvey – Talk about a guy that’s hot, Curt had an amazing week. It started a week earlier at the Texas Triple Tens where he won the Friday $10K. Later that evening, Harvey cashed again taking home the $15K Box Shootout win.

Curt Harvey Wins Great American Bracket Race Friday $10k 5-24-19
Curt Harvey

At the Texas Triple Tens weekend, Curt would go on to win 18 straight rounds before his .012-pack came up just short in Sunday’s 5th round. Fast forward one week to the GABR in Memphis and Harvey was once again holding a $10K winners check.

4 – Andy Schmall – After making a splash at the Spring Fling Vegas, Schmall once again showed out at a big money bracket race last weekend. Competing at the West Coast Classic, Schmall took home the $3,000 Pro win on Friday.

Andy Schmall Banana Hammock
Andy Schmall

After the Saturday and Sunday races were combined, Schmall collected his second win of the weekend taking the $10K Pro win. While he continues to rack up the wins, Andy is quietly becoming one of the most feared bottom bulb racers in the country.

5 – Jeff Lasalle – Another west coast racer that went off in Fontana was Jeff Lasalle. Jeff made three final round appearances at the West Coast Classic. Although he lost two of them to the aforementioned Andy Schmall, Lasalle did go on to win the $10K Pro 64 Shootout.

Jeff LaSalle 2019 West Coast Bracket Races Fontana Pro 64 Winner
Jeff LaSalle

6 – Ricky Decker – On the NHRA side, Ricky Decker is building himself a championship caliber season. After starting the year with a runner up in Super Stock at the Division 3 Lucas Oil event in Columbus, Decker went undefeated in his next two events.

Ricky Decker 2019 Super Stock Champ Division 3 Lucas Oil Norwalk
Ricky Decker

A week ago, Decker won Super Stock at the Cavalcade of Stars in Norwalk. Then last week he made his third straight final taking the win at the SportsNational Open in Bowling Green.

7 – Cory Gulitti – Another big bracket race, another win for the kid. Gulitti showed out at the Great American Bracket Race in Memphis. Cory kicked off the weekend with a 6th round finish on Friday. He came back on Sunday with a vengeance after he was double entered with five cars remaining.

Cory Gulitti 2019 GABR Sunday $20K Champ
Cory Gulitti

After tangling with “Racing” Jason Lynch in the quarterfinals, Gulitti was left with just one entry for the $20K prize. As luck would have it these two would meet up again in the final.

It was Cory getting the win when it counted adding yet another big money victory to his already impressive list of accomplishments. Gulitti wasn’t done as he made it to the semifinals at Monday’s $10K.

8 – Dustin Bryant – Footbrake competitor Dustin Bryant reached the final round at the I-57 Dragway Mega Bucks race last weekend. Not only did he make it to the final round, he took winner and runner up honors after reaching the final in two entries. I’m told he was nasty all night long.

9 – Gage Burch – All this young man does is win, win, win! It seems every time I look up he’s doubled-up at an event. Last weekend was no exception as he won Footbrake on Saturday and Sunday. These double wins are nothing new for the young man from Florida. Between Gage, Cory Gulitti, and Hunter Patton, they are the future of our sport.

Gage Burch Winners Circle BMP
Gage Burch

This week we have a three-way tie for the 10 spot.

10 – Hunter Patton – This guy just keeps winning. Anywhere and in any ride. After breaking his rear end at eight cars Sunday at the GABR, Hunter borrowed Brandon Taylor’s lawn dart and proceeded to win the race.

Hunter Patton 2019 GABR 10K Sunday Winner
Hunter Patton

I’m not sure I know of a lot of racers that could jump in a car they’ve never driven in the semifinals of a race and go on to win a $10K. Very impressive effort for the young man they call Hunny Wayne.

10.1 – Carson Emmett – After a Dream Team Jr. Dragster win on Saturday at the GABR, Carson drove to the event win on Sunday. Carson was a member of the Ben Willis winning Jr. Dragster team. His Sunday 10-12 Jr. win earned him a cool $600. Very nice weekend for this young man.

Carson Emmet 2019 Sunday GABR 10-12 Junior Dragster winner
Carson Emmett 10-12 Junior Dragster Winner

10.2 – Scott Deffenbaugh – Driving his beautiful ’66 Nova, Scott made two Super Gas finals in consecutive weeks. His run started at the Division 3 Cavalcade of Stars where he made the Super Gas final round. The final will be run at a later date due to weather at Norwalk. A week later, Deffenbaugh made his second final in a week, taking the Super Gas win at the SportsNational Open at Beech Bend.

Scott Deffenbaugh Super Gas
Scott Deffenbaugh

Let us know what you think of the list. Did we get it right, did we miss someone? Drop us a line and let us know.

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