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DragChamp Top 10 List 8/28/19 Edition

Welcome to the DragChamp sportsman drag racing Top 10 List presented by In Motion Solutions.

8/28/19 – The Top 10 list took a different direction this week due to the lack of any huge big dollar bracket races and no NHRA national event. That opened the door for a number of local racers to grab a spot on the list.

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As typical, it took either a huge multi-win weekend or a combination of multiple finals over several weeks to crack the Top 10. With so many great performances, it’s always difficult to narrow it down to just 10 competitors.

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DragChamp Top 10 List

1 – KC Pesnell

After winning $50,000 at the SFG 300 Series event at Montgomery Raceway Park, KC set the drag racing world ablaze. The internet erupted when someone mentioned KC is only 14 years old.

This young man has already accomplished two things most adults never will, he won a $50K bracket race and he mastered social media. He accomplished this years before he was even old enough to get a driver’s license. And for that, KC Presnell earns the top spot this week.

KC Pesnell photos courtesy of picturesbylou.com

2 – Tyler Bohannon

Tyler’s been on fire lately on the NHRA side of things. Between Super Comp and Super Stock, he’s been in theee NHRA finals in the last few weeks. The biggest final so far was his runner up to Gary Stinnett in Super Comp at the NHRA Lucas Oil Nationals.

Tyler threw in a couple of back-to-back wins at the the National Open in Ohio as well.

3 – Kyle Jessup

Kyle Jessup

Racing at the Gold Rush Nationals in Canada, Kyle won a $5K on Saturday and a $10K on Sunday. These wins came on the heels of a win at Luskville Dragway the previous week!

4 – Bryan Walker

Bryan Walker DragChamp Top 10 List

Walker has strung together an impressive collection of wins over the last couple of months. He’s been in 9 finals during that time and has won seven races. These wins have come in Footbrake and Super Pro.

To learn more about Bryan, see his Racer Spotlight article here.

5 – Frank the Tank Angers

Frank Angers

Frank Angers won three consecutive races at Napierville Dragway last weekend. This included a $3K win on Friday, a $2K gamblers win on Saturday, and a win in Super Pro on Sunday.

6 – Caeleb Masterson

Caeleb Masterson DragChamp Top 10 List

Caeleb earned his spot by making 7 finals in 7 weeks at US 60 Dragway. Driving his Foxbody Mustang, Caeleb raked in 3 wins and 4 runners up in the last seven weeks!

7 – Darel Parrish Jr.

Darel Parrish Dragchamp Top 10 List

Darel has been dominating the Footbrake class at Music City Raceway. During the last four weeks, Darel has won four races including a $2K race over the weekend.

8 – Aaron Disinger

Driving his wheel standing Malibu that he calls the “Mailbox”, Aaron Disinger has been on kill at tracks throughout the Indiana area. Aaron drove the Mailbox to six finals recently to grab a Top 10 spot!

9 – David Myhre

David Myhre DragChamp top 10 List

After locking up two track championships this season, Myhre added another big win to his 2019 accomplishments. His latest win came at the Big Baller Bracket Race at Medford Dragstrip where he collected the $8K No Box class win.

10 – Rich Komor

Rich Komor DragChamp Top 10 List

Komor impressed at the Working Man’s $10 Grands at Wagler Motorsports Park on Friday. After working his way through the No-Box crowd, Komor joined the Box class and proceeded to win the $10K final.

Shout Outs

Brian Yerger Jr. – Racing in the Jr. dragster class at Wilkesboro Dragway, Brian has collected 4 straight race wins!

Brian Yerger Jr DragChamp Top 10 List

Caraline McCarty – After winning the first DragChamp Car of the Month contest, Caraline proved her driving skills are just as sharp as her ride. She won her first race in the big cars collecting the $5K win at Carolina Dragway.

Photo courtesy of picturesbylou.com

Chris Mancini – This guy continued his winning ways with yet another win over the weekend. This time he claimed the victory at National Trail Raceway. See more on Chris here.

Seth Lancaster – Seth hasn’t lost a round in the last two weeks. He won the Footbrake class at Baileyton a week ago and was down to 7 at the DragCoverage Night of Fire event when the rains came.


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