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Howard Wins Again – Friday Texas Triple Tens Results

Jake Howard and Curt Harvey celebrate wins on Friday at the Texas Triple Tens. Sunday is now $20K to win after weather washes our Saturday race.

The third event in the Texas Triple Tens series kicked off on Thursday and on Friday. Celebration was in order for Day 1 winners Curt Harvey and Jake Howard.

Curt Harvey (Greenville, Texas) took the $10,000 win on Friday in the Box class defeating Mike Crader (Bedford, Texas). Harvey laid down a .016 package as Crader ran .002 under his 4.51 dial.

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After the finals in the main event, Harvey continued his winning streak and took the win in a close final (.009 package to .012 package) of Friday’s Box Shootout over Austin Tadlock.

Curt Harvey May Texas Triple Tens Winner
Curt Harvey

Jake Howard, who has now collected a big check at every Texas Triple Ten event, continued his winning streak by overpowering Blair McNutt. McNutt, who has also claimed a big check at The Texas Triple Tens this year, broke out in the No Box final.

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Howard and McNutt actually paired up three separate times during Friday’s event. Howard won the first match-up, McNutt the second, and during the final, McNutt ran .003 under leaving Howard the winner for day one.

Jake Howard May Texas Triple Tens no box winner
Jake Howard

Kevin Martin took the win over Cody Lesley in Friday’s No Box Shootout.
The competition was fierce during day one. Philip Pennington (Three Rivers, Texas) laid down a perfect run in the first round of competition in the box category.

This marks three separate Texas Triple Tens events where a perfect run has been delivered during eliminations.

Bart Nelson Blair McNutt Texas Triple Tens May 2019
Bart Nelson and Blair McNutt

Racers were also able to take home some great prizes for having the “Best Losing Package” during the first six rounds of Friday’s Main Event:

Inkman Racing Fuel Round One No Box: Neal Smith (.045)
Inkman Racing Fuel Round One Box: Kari Gee (.012)
Limitless Car Care Round Two No Box: Jeremy Casey (.023)
California Car Cover Round Two Box: Donny Burleson (.012)
Autometer Round Three: Canaan Barrilleaux (.013)
Pro 1 Safety Round Four: Koy Collier (.020)
Sherman Racing Engines Round Five: Dennis Lithgow (.026)
Self Motorsports Round Six: Randall Reid (.013)
SFG Promotions Weekend Entry: Donny Burleson
Purse Doubles To $20 On Sunday Due To Weather
Due to on and off sprinkles/drizzle this morning and the future forecast for the afternoon we have decided to pull the plug on Saturday’s event.

Tomorrow will be $20,000 to Win in Box and $10,000 in No Box. With that being said all of the purse from Saturday’s payout will roll over to Sunday.

Since nothing went down the race track today (Saturday) everyone will receive one time trial on Sunday. Game plan is to start 9 AM on Sunday and we will begin working on prepping the track as soon as the rain stops this evening.

Paige Hamlin South Central Drag Racing

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