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Jake Hodge presents the Working Man’s 10 Grands

Talented bracket racing and now NHRA announcer Jake Hodge has jumped into the race promotion game with the Working Man’s 10 Grands race. Jake has partnered with the Angers twins to create Final Call Promotions which will manage the event.

The first event on the Final Call schedule is the Working Man’s 10 Grands. The race is scheduled for August 23-25, 2019 at Wagler Motorsports Park. The big money bracket race features two $10,000 to win races over the weekend.

An event for the working man

Working Mans 10 Grands logo with sponsors

When asked why he chose to do this, Jake said, “we don’t really have a bracket racing event in Indiana where people say “I’m not going to miss that one”.

He added, “I’ve been on the inside of these big races and I’ve had to bite my tongue here and there because quite frankly, it wasn’t my circus and not my monkeys. I’m doing this so we can have a nice laid back weekend of big money bracket racing and payout the largest bracket purse in Indiana in 2019.”

At just 25 years of age, Jake has done and seen a lot in the bracket racing scene. This includes running a weekly drag racing podcast called Dialed-In with Jake and Zach.

Jake Hodge with Gary Don Free 2019 NHRA Spring Nationals
Jake with DragChamp’s Gary Don Free

“I’ve learned things to do, not to do, and how to carry yourself when it comes to certain situations. I have no doubt whether we have 35 cars or 350 cars, every single one of them will feel like they matter because they do,” Jake stated.

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“People take time from work, leave their families at home, and miss their kid’s ballgames so they can race. That’s the reason behind the event name,” He continued.

The Working Man’s 10 Grands is exactly that, a race for the weekend warriors of our sport. “People who don’t want to take off work or can’t take off work for that matter, can come race two $10,000 main events on the weekend,” Jake said.

Racers can compete for big money on Saturday and Sunday without having to take a week off of work or time away from their families.

Working Man’s 10 Grands Event Structure

The race will feature $10,000 to win main events on Saturday and Sunday for Box racers. Final Call Promotions also has something planned for the No Box crowd.

No Box racers will have a choice when they enter. They can pay the Box entry and race separately down to a winner. The winner will collect the No Box winner’s purse and move into the next round of the $10,000 main event.

Working Mans 10 Grands Logo

If they don’t want to pay the higher Box entry fee, they can race for the guaranteed No Box purse and be done once the No Box winner is determined.

This should be interesting to watch play out as the No Box racers go through eliminations. It will be fun to see if the No Box winner chose to gamble or not.

The Final Call Promotion Team

Hodge has assembled a talented crew to insure the event runs smooth. he admitted, “if you surround yourself with good people, great things happen.”

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First Jake partnered with the Angers from the Bracket Super Tour in Canada. They manage a successful bracket racing series north of the border and bring a wealth of experience to the partnership.

Kyle Lang, a Drag Illustrated 30 under 30 member, will handle all of the on track activities. This includes everything from the water box through the shut down. He and Jake will work together to manage the track prep.

Brock Weaver will manage things in the tower. Brock has been a huge asset to dragstrips in southwest Indiana for over 25 years. He’s experienced with the Compulink timing system, race control/operations, and can handle anything you throw his way.

The announcing team, which is near and dear to Jake’s heart, will include Steve Riggins and Austin Kardules. The duo will keep the crowd entertained through out the race weekend. Hodge will assist when needed.

TJ Jordan will handle graphics for Final Call and will manage their Facebook page. Like the Final Call Promotions Facebook page, click here, to keep up with the latest news on the Working Man’s 10 Grands.

Working Man Event Sponsors

The Working Man’s 10 Grands will air live on Motormania TV thanks to sponsors Law Chevrolet and Grizzly Inc.

There will be thousands of dollars of giveaways throughout the weekend thanks to a host of event sponsors. Those include VP Race Fuels, FTI Performance, Law Chevrolet, Grizzly Inc., and Champs Performance. Additional sponsors includes House of Payne, Stainless Works, Alliance Racewear, Firecracker Performance, Jay’s Service Center, and Hoosier Racing Tires.

Final Call Promotions Logo with sponsors

For more information on the Working Man’s 10 Grands, follow Final Call Promotions on Facebook and stay tuned to DragChamp.

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