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Midwest Bracket Racing – Like Father, Like Daughter

Midwest Bracket Racing Update – Like Father, Like Daughter with the McCormick Family

How do you approach a person whose nickname is “Chainsaw”?  I would say cautiously would be a good start… 

I first met the McCormick’s at last year’s SFG race in Martin, Michigan.  Jeremy and Madisyn tour the Midwest hitting multiple big dollar bracket races every year. 

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Madisyn is a 20 year old bracket racer who is currently a pre-school teacher assistant and studying early childhood development.  She began in the junior ranks at just 8 years old.  At the age of 16 her father Jeremy wasted no time and put her in the big car.    

Jeremy McCormick is a former IHRA Top Dragster National Top 5 points finisher and multi-time big money bracket race winner.  The nickname “Chainsaw” originally came from the family’s sawmill business so don’t be alarmed. 

He is known for cutting down trees both on and off the track.  He currently pilots a pro-charged 2013 American dragster dialed in the 4.30’s.  Madisyn drives her own 2005 dragster that runs 4.80’s. 

Like Father Like Daughter

Why was I drawn to the McCormick’s?  The main reason is I have two young kids.  I recognize the strong relationship between this father daughter duo.  My parents never shared my passion for drag racing the way the McCormick’s do, however they have supported me every step of the way. 

The other reasons; drag racing is a sport that is not race or gender biased, it’s one of the many reasons I love it.  I’ve always imagined what it would be like to share a passion such as bracket racing with my kids. 

Drag racing is a game of mental toughness and mental agility.  It is a sport you can take your whole life to master.  It teaches you how to deal with losing and how to overcome adversity and win. 

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Right after you win that big check, you can lose by less than a thousandth first round.  I feel the lessons you learn in drag racing are key in not only drag racing but life in general.   

As a young adult I had two passions, drag racing and hockey, both which my parents did not share.  It was tough at times, but with their tremendous support I was able to be competitive in both. 

Madisyn has obviously caught the bracket racing bug from her father.  She is a drag racer through and through.  But can she drive?  I can vouch for that as she has put me on the trailer the first and second time I faced her. She’s also 1-0 against Jeremy in competition, but don’t remind “Chainsaw” about that.

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As I’ve seen from Jeremy, the father daughter relationship is a special one.  Jeremy treats Madisyn as an equal like everyone else around him and with tons of respect.  She is an extremely well-mannered individual and has been rumored to be tasked with driving the family’s 75′ long rig home from a weekend race when the “Chainsaw” runs out of gas. 

Afraid is not in her vocabulary.  It does not take long to notice how proud Jeremy is of his daughter and her accomplishments.  While they can’t race every weekend, you can catch them racing at US131 in Martin, Michigan most weekends. 

As a father of two young kids I was taking notes, notes I can share with my future self on how I want to be and how a great father should look.  Thanks to the McCormick’s for taking some time out of busy weekend to share with me. 

(Days after finishing talking to them about this article, I learned they suffered a massive fire at the family’s Sawmill business.  Please keep their family and employees in your thoughts and prayers.) 

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About the Author: Ryan Fasano is a Division 3 bracket racer who competes weekly at Byron Dragway in Illinois. Competing in the Box class, Ryan captured the 2014 Track Championship at Byron. Like a true weekend warrior, he eats, breathes, and sleeps with bracket racing on his mind. Look for more Midwest Bracket Racing updates from Ryan on DragChamp. Click here to connect with Ryan on Facebook.

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