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Midwest Bracket Racing Results – Rain…again

Midwest Bracket Racing Update – More Rain at Byron Dragway

Another race weekend in the Midwest, another rain shortened event.  There are two themes this year at Byron Dragway.  First, the No-Box racers are flat out nasty and showing everyone what they are made of. 

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And second, rain has been involved with the outcome of another bracket weekend.  While Saturday’s main event a $2,500 to win Box / No Box combo was finished in a timely manner, Sunday’s $5,000 main event had to be cancelled due to heavy rainfall.

While the four letter “R” word got the best of the weekend there were still some highlights from Saturday’s main event.  The No-Box semifinal paired two of the sports best bottom bulber’s, Brett Williamson and Andy Schmall. 

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Brett matched Andy at the tree and went dead-on four to secure the win and move into the No-Box final.  Brett then used a .001 reaction time to overcome perennial Byron Dragway hitter Mitch Vincent in the No-Box side of competition.

In the Box final, Mike Schlueter and Eddie Banderowicz Jr. squared up in a pair of door cars.  Eddie wheels a beautiful Top Sportsman Camaro while Mike drives a show-car quality Olds 442 that looks like it just came off the factory line. 

Mike used a stellar .009 reaction time coupled with a 6.594 on a 6.58 dial to overcome the hard charging Eddie and his 4.809 on a 4.79 dial in.  Just under a two second difference in dial in’s and a 38 mph speed difference at the finish line made this exciting for both the fans and the drivers to watch unfold.

BrettvsMike midwest bracket racing

The young gun from Rockford, Illinois, Brett Williamson collected the big check on Saturday for $2,500 over the Box competitor Mike Schlueter.  Brett came from the No-Box side of competition dialed in at a 6.12 in his “Lady in Black” 1957 Chevy. 

Mike was the Box representative dialed in at 6.59, where he’d been all day in his wheel-standing Olds 442.  The two met in the final and in a case where Truestart would have altered the outcome, Mike went .004 red and right behind him Brett turned it .008 red.  

Sunday’s $5,000 main event was cancelled due to rain.        

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About the Author: Ryan Fasano is a Division 3 bracket racer who competes weekly at Byron Dragway in Illinois. Competing in the Box class, Ryan captured the 2014 Track Championship at Byron. Like a true weekend warrior, he eats, breathes, and sleeps with bracket racing on his mind. Look for more Midwest Bracket Racing updates from Ryan on DragChamp. Click here to connect with Ryan on Facebook.

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