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All it took was a set of handle bars and two wheels to get Mike Moore Jr. hooked on racing.

At the young age of seven, he got his start in motorcross and made a switch over to drag racing when he turned 25. A great friend, teacher, and builder by the name of Don Makeever introduced Moore to the sport. 

How it all Began

Mike primarily races Pro-ET Cycle now but in his early days he raced a ton of 8.20 Top Gas Motorcycle racing. Locally, he races at Gainesville, Immokalee, Bradenton, and West Palm Beach. Recently, he has been able to get his feet wet in some big money bracket racing with the few series who allow bikes to run with the cars. Mike has participated in many SFG Promotion races, No Limit races, and the New Year’s Nationals annual race.

He has owned many motorcycles over the years but, has limited the fleet down to one. He currently owns a Kawasaki ZX14 which is fuel injected with a slider clutch. Recently, he purchased a dragster from Steve Witherow and will make his debut soon. 

All in the Family

It’s a family affair in the Moore household as his son, Dean Moore, also competes on a motorcycle at local racetracks and has also raced many big money bracket races alongside his dad. Both of his brothers also race as well. Troy Moore races a bike and Scott Moore races an S-10 in both ET and Super Street.

“A Knife to a Gun Fight”

“Bringing a knife to a gun fight,” is one way Mike describes racing a motorcycle in a high dollar bracket race. He is extremely proud of being able to “hang” with the big cars. Mike has been able to see many late rounds and has found himself down to four or ten cars numerous times.

He was also the runner-up at Rob Reynold’s New Year’s National race in 2018. Mike has several national finishes from IDBA (International Dragbike Association) and Prostar in ET and Top Gas classes.

Mike Moore Jr. Runner-up

Bucket List

On Mike’s bucket list, he would like to get his chance to wheel a dragcar or dragster since he has only ever raced a bike. He is hoping to have more success in the car than he has had on any of his bikes. He realizes there will be a bit of a learning curve, but he is ready for the challenge.

Although he has been very close, he is also hoping to seal the deal at a SFG, No Limit or any type of high dollar event on a motorcycle as well.

In the Other Lane

When asked who he hates to see in the other lane he says it would have to be his son, Dean. As he puts it, “he has handed me my head seven times in a row…. but I think I have the last three”. But in the car world, it would be Kenny Underwood or Nick Hastings. 

Mike Moore Jr. SFG
Mike Moore Jr. and brother, Scott

Motorcycle vs. Cars

You don’t see many drag bikes participating in these car races but that could change within the next few years. Mike explains that a lot of motorcycle racers don’t feel comfortable racing side by side with a car or dragster and that it is okay for them feel this way. There is a risk involved for the rider when racing against cars but, Mike always wanted to compete against the best there is and unfortunately it does involve that risk. He feels that if the promoter allows it, then he will take advantage of it as long as he can. 

Sponsors & Thanks

Mike would like to thank his wife, Becca for supporting him and for helping him get focused. His son, Dean is also supportive by helping him with all of his fuel injection questions. Dan Corbosero from DynoTune NOS is one of his sponsors and good friends alongside Chris Bishop from Bonestock Products who is equally one of his best race partners and friends. Vanson Leathers is also another sponsor of his. 

Off the Track

When he isn’t racing, Mike owns many street bikes and enjoys taking the motorhome up to the North Georgia mountains with his wife, Becca. He also works for UPS and drives a semi-truck. 

When asked, if there is anything you’d like people to know about motorcycle drag racing? Mike says, “I think for me it is just that we work just as hard as any car guy getting our stuff right. In days gone by most car guys wouldn’t give a bike guy the time of day. But I hope I can do my small part to open some car guys eyes that we all have the same goal as you all do, we just chose a little different path…See you in the lanes!”

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Payton Cusimano

About the Author: Payton Pillinger is a 23-year-old bracket racer living in Nashville, TN. She races a S10 truck in Pro at local tracks around her home. She graduated from the University of Tampa with her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising in 2020. Payton is also the owner and creator of the female motorsports association, Chicks on Slicks.

You can reach Payton on Facebook at @chicksonslicks or email at payton@dragchamp.com.

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