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Nasty Nick wins Friday $50K at SFG 500 on Sunday

Nasty Nick Hastings won the SFG 500 Friday $50K on Sunday afternoon after huge car counts pushed final eliminations to Sunday.

MARTIN, MICH. – With record attendance numbers at the SFG 500, race officials delayed final eliminations for the Friday $50K until Sunday. This allowed them to run the SFG 500 race as scheduled on Saturday.

Gage Burch wins $525,000 at SFG 500, see full results here.

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Although he had to wait a couple of days to reach the winners circle, Nasty Nick Hastings probably didn’t care after his latest victory. He won in impressive fashion by racing off the bottom bulb against a field of approximately 700 cars.

Nasty Nick Hastings SFG Friday 50k Winner

The weekend of improbable wins continued as Nick drove his Chevy Chevette to the $50,000 win. Just a day earlier, Gage Burch drove his Ford Ranger pick up to the largest payday in drag racing history.

SFG 500 Friday $50K Quarterfinals

Thursday $50K winner Chris Bear was looking to double up at US 131 Motorsports Park. In the Friday $50K, Chris drove his S-10 truck past Kevin Pruitt to reach his second semifinal of the week. Bear was .014 and one above to grab the .002 victory over Pruitt’s .019 and one above.

sfg 500 friday 50k quarterfinal chris bear vs kevin pruitt
Bear vs Pruitt

Read about Chris Bear’s SFG 500 Thursday $50K victory here.

Hastings paired against Scotty Richardson in the other doorcar match up. Nick’s .012 and one above easily handled Scotty’s .025 and two over lap.

SFG 500 Friday 50k quarterfinal nick hastings vs scotty richardson
Hastings vs Richardson

On the dragster side, Doug Foley Jr. used a .012-pack to dispose of Shane Maddox. Maddox was .025 at the tree and -.006 under at the stripe.

sfg 500 friday 50k quarterfinal doug foley jr vs shane maddox
Foley vs Maddox

The final pairing of the round included Travis Lassiter and Joe Gary. Lassiter let go -.005 early to advance Gary to the semifinals. Gary was .005 and dead seven for the win.

sfg 500 friday 50k quarterfinal travis lassiter vs joe gary
Lassiter vs Gary

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Friday $50K Semifinals

The intensity heated up in the final four as each racer was looking to cash one last time at the SFG 500.

In the doorcar battle, Nasty Nick threw .014 total at Bear which was more than enough to advance to the final round. Bear was .009 at the hit but ran .015 over for the loss.

sfg 500 friday 50k semifinal nick hastings vs chris bear
Nick vs Chris

Foley and Gary then squared off for the last spot in the final round. Doug was .007 take seven to lock out Gary after he posted a .019 reaction time.

sfg 500 friday 50k semifinal doug foley jr vs joe gary
Doug vs Joe

SFG 500 Friday $50,000 Final Round

This setup a dragster versus doorcar final with Foley hitting the top and Nasty Nick leaving off the bottom.

Hastings grabbed the lead at the start .002 to .011 and held on for yet another big win after his two above outpaced Foley’s four above. Nick took .037 at the stripe on the brakes.

sfg 500 friday 50k final round doug foley jr vs nick hastings

Unlike some winners at the SFG 500, Nasty Nick Hastings is no stranger to big money winners circle activities. He’s won as many, if not more, big payouts over the last few years than anyone in the sport.

sfg 500 friday 50k final round doug foley jr vs nick hastings

His latest victory continues to prove that Nick Hastings is one of the best bracket racers in the country.

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