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Power Wheels Racing: The Next Big Thing?

Power Wheels racing started in Ohio but is growing quickly. Is this the next big thing in drag racing?

Almost thirty years ago junior drag racing was introduced to the drag racing world by the Napp family at Englishtown. Since then, junior drag racing has exploded in popularity with thousands of kids competing each week at tracks across the county.

Last year, power wheels racing was introduced at Pacemakers Dragway in Mount Vernon, Ohio as a way to involve kids in their popular Cash Days event. Cash Days was created to lure street racers to the track and keep them off the street. The heads-up racing provided a safe environment for locals to compete.

Pacemakers originally allowed the kids to race their big wheels to keep them engaged during Cash Days. They eventually tried pedal cars but the kids continued to have issues getting to the sixty foot clocks and back.

As a solution, the track tried power wheels racing and struck gold. Just like the big cars, the kids pulled chips and paired on a ladder. Originally the 12 volt stock and 24 volt modified cars competed in one class. Due to increased interest, there are now three classes of power wheels racing.

A Series is Born

In 2019, Mel Robinson started Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing. The racing series is sponsored by Vic’s Body Shop and Rayna Morgan e-Merge Real Estate. The series offers three classes for kids ranging from ages 3 to 9 years old.

Classes include 12 volt Stock, 12 volt Modified, and 24 volt Modified. The only modifications in the Stock class are paint and decals, everything else must remain unchanged.

In the 12 volt Modified class, motors, gears, and gear boxes can be modified. Racers can also add rubber tires or strips around the tires for added traction. The top class is the 24 volt Modified class. This class allows pretty much any modification but does require wheelie bars, a seat belt, and a helmet.

After starting at Pacemakers Dragway, races have been conducted at National Trail Raceway and Kil-Kare Dragway, both in Ohio. The 2019 season wraps up a National Trail on October 5th. The event is expected to be the biggest event of the season with 16 24-volt cars, 8 12-volt cars, and a huge Stock class.

Mel was quick to mention that “none of this would be possible without Rod Zolman from Pacemakers Dragway giving us the opportunity to race.”

Meet the Power Wheels Racers

In addition to running the series, Mel also manages a team of racers including Tommy Robinson and Madison Lowther. Tommy and Madison were co-track champions last season on the Hot Shot’s Secret sponsored team. See below for more on the Power Wheels racers.

Tommy “the Wild Man” Robinson

Madison Lowther

Ben Payton

Madilyn Holtgrefe

Jimmy Stowe

Rodney Robinson

If you’re in the Ohio area and have a young child that would like to get involved in drag racing on an affordable level, check out one of the Central Ohio Power Wheels Drag Racing page on Facebook.

8 thoughts on “Power Wheels Racing: The Next Big Thing?

  • I wanna know more and know how we start one in Pa

  • That’s funny. Our car club did a track rental day 15 years ago and our kids did that then. Guess we were the early trendsetters!

    • Definitely sounds like it!

  • Funny. We’ve been doing this for a couple of years now in Oklahoma with more classes.

    • That’s awesome. I didn’t realize kids were racing these things until just recently. Looks like a lot of fun for everyone.

    • Looks like fun for kids

  • Racing means fast and furious. But there’s a saying, “If you’re in control, you’re not going fast enough.” If you want to explore a big smile on your kids’ faces, then allow them to attend power wheel racing. Thanks for exploring this growing trend, nice piece of experiment. But remember, Safety fast.


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