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The Pro 1 Safety FREE One At Thunder Valley

The Pro 1 Safety FREE One At Thunder Valley Raceway Park

After growing up racing at North Star Dragway with Larry Croft and Nick Duty managing and running the track, I never realized how lucky I was as a bracket racer until they moved to Oklahoma to run Thunder Valley Raceway Park. They always put on a great program that had the racer in mind and were hands down one of the best track managers in Division Four.

So when I noticed recently that Nick had started to get behind the wheel of his own race car and started to big money bracket race with the rest of us, I really thought it was cool to see him compete and do well.

Which leads us to 2019 where Duty who has been behind the wheel racing for big checks and understands that it is not an easy or a cheap expense, he is offering a truly unique race this weekend at Thunder Valley Raceway Park.

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It is called the Pro 1 FREE One Bracket Race, where the entry to race is FREE. And yes you didn’t read that wrong, the race entry is FREE for $5,000 to win on Saturday and Sunday. Duty continues to push the envelope and never settle as he tries to put on the best program he can for his racers.

Duty made a post on Facebook this week sharing more information about the upcoming race, and you can find this information below.

(Words below from Nick Duty)


The first Pro 1 Free One race is this weekend and I wanted to make a post outlining some general information that is getting asked frequently, and cover some things for the race. You might want to comment/subscribe to this post, as I will return to post updates in the comments up until race day.

Pro 1 Free One Bracket Race


Thursday 3/28

-Parking begins at 12pm and lasts all night

Friday 3/29

-Time trials (2) begin at 10am followed by eliminations

-The Big One to follow time permitting

Saturday 3/30

-Time Trial for new arrivals at 10am

-Time Trial (1) for all racers (Saturday arrivals get 2 total)

-The Biggest One to follow time permitting

Sunday 3/31

-Time Trial for new arrivals at 9am

-First round at 9:30am

It looks like overall the weather will not effect the schedule dramatically, with just a 20%-30% chance of rain on Friday and a high of 70, and no rain on Saturday & Sunday. The weekend is forecast looks to be cool, with highs in the mid to upper 50s. Saturday night, we will continue to race until the air temperature drops below 45 degrees. If that happens before we finish, remaining rounds will finish on Sunday morning. Currently it appears to be warmer than that until 10pm Saturday night.

We have received several inquiries about double entering. Due to the overwhelming response to this event, we are keeping it to single entry. We will allow two drivers to share a car, but no driver is permitted more than one entry. We are currently sitting at just under 300 entries and will continue to allow entries this week. We had planned on capping at 256, but we hated to tell people they couldn’t come and support a race that is designed to bring more racers to big money racing. After the no shows, if we have more than 256 run first round, the payout will extended by an additional round to insure that a 4th round win still earns you a check.

Pro 1 Free One Bracket Race

For those interested in running the High Roller events, we will begin taking entries on Friday morning at 8am at the pit gate. No early entries will be taken. First come, first serve. If there is enough interest we may do a bottom bulb high roller as well.

IF YOU NEED A DRUM OF SUNOCO RACE FUEL – PLEASE CONTACT ALVIE MERRILL WITH PILOT IN OKC. He will have his fuel trailer delivered to the track on Thursday and can bring it to the track for you, but you need to reach to Alvie directly…not the track please. We will be selling fuel by the gallon as always.

If you haven’t had a chance to try out the new food from the concession stand this season, I hope you will check it out this weekend. In addition to updating the standard concession food, Jan Croft will also be selling Deli Sandwiches with chips and a pickle and Fresh Salads with Beef or Chicken.

If any racer has entered and will not be able to attend the event, you do not need to contact the track. Any entry pre-purchased and not used will be applied to the next Pro 1 Free One on Labor Day Weekend.

Last, but certainly not least, come to TVRP prepared to have fun. The biggest reason I wanted to put this series together was to have an event that would allow EVERYONE to come race for big money, hang out with great friends, and do what they love without breaking their budget. I want this to be a laid back, memorable experience for all of the racers. It is going to be busy and probably hectic, and there may be a few bumps with this new event, but we will get through it together. Just make sure you are enjoying your time at the track.

And once again, a HUGE thanks to Jeff Hefler and Charlotte Ledbetter Hefler with Pro 1 Safety Products for coming on board to support this idea. Make sure you stop by and see them this weekend and thank them for supporting local bracket racing.

Paige Hamlin South Central Drag Racing

About the Author: Paige Hamlin is the founder of South Central Drag Racing and Big Check Bracket Racing. Through her sites, Paige works to promote big money drag racing events. In addition to her media endeavors, Paige enjoys footbrake racing in her S-10 pickup.

You can connect with Paige on Facebook at @southcentraldragracing or email at paige@dragchamp.com

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