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Randy Scheuer wins $50K to close SFG World Series

Randy Scheuer Jr. claims $50,000 win to close out the SFG World Series of Bracket Racing held at Darlington Dragway.

SFG World Series of Bracket Racing: Sunday Results

DARLINGTON, SC. (Nov. 3, 2019): Following a week of unforeseen circumstances from rain delays, to freak accidents such as glass shattering on track, the SFG World Series of Bracket successfully came to a close, completing it’s second Fuel Tech $50,000-to-win race on Sunday evening.

After another huge nine round race, Randy Scheuer Jr. found himself in the winner’s circle, defeating Eric Thomas in the final. 

SFG World Series results

“I’ve had a rough year, but it ended on a high note just like I wanted it to,” said Scheuer Jr. “I’ve got to thank everybody who allows me to do this. SFG, my wife, my kids, all my sponsors, Abruzzi, Penske, Moser, APD, Wiseco, American, Mickey Thompson, Bear Motorsports, and everyone else that I may have forgotten.”   

SFG World Series results

The runner-up, Thomas said in his interview, “first off I’d like to thank God…I’d like to thank my wife and my kids at home, they watched but had to leave. I’d like to thank my brother here, and my brother at home and all the boys that work and let us do what we get to do. I’d like to thank my mom and dad. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be here.”

SFG World Series results

In the quarterfinals Max Brewer and Matt Westin squared off in their doorcars, with the winlight going to Brewer after Westin goes .001 red. Eric Thomas followed the pair taking a quarterfinal bye-run. 
Next up was the dragster side of the ladder, bringing out Lane Dicken and Ken Batchelor. Dicken was .014 on the tree, and .020 above his dial for the win over Batchelor. 
To close out the round, Chris Reynolds (car owner of Will Holloman, who won the Dragster Shootout earlier in the week) faced Scheuer. Scheuer was .010 on the tree, and .008 above his dial to beat Reynolds. 
In the semi-finals, Thomas came out with a 300 foot burnout before going to battle with Brewer- the final of the door car side of the ladder. Unfortunately for Brewer, he flickered the staging beams once the tree was activated, turning on the red light. 
The round of the last standing dragsters, ended the same way round was as the door car round was, as Dicken went .001 red to give the win Scheuer.
In the final, Thomas ripped off another 300 foot burnout and slowly backed up to the staging beams before the final round of the weekend. Scheuer was .025 on the tree and went 4.694 on a 4.68 dial to take the win over Thomas. Thomas was .013 on the tree, but missed the dial going 5.104 on a 5.07 dial in.

Mikey Bloomfield wins $200K at 2019 SFG World Series!

Will Holloman wins free American Race Cars dragster at SFG World Series

Away from the racetrack, winners of the SFG Halloween costume contest were decided: 

  • 1st place: Kick Booty Motorsports – Will receive a free entry into the 2020 $1.1 Million Dollar Main Event.
  • 2nd Place: Tucker Creech for his Ricky Bobby inspired costume. – Will receive a free entry into the 2020 SFG500 Main Event.

Next on the SFG tour is the Big Fun event present by Summit Racing Equipment at Tuscon Dragway, November 21-23. It’s only $599 to race for two $50k-to-win races if you pre-enter at www.racesfg.com by November 8th. You can also pay at the gate $675. The race also features two No Box 64 car shootouts, paying $5,000 to win for only $400 to get in both!

“What is SFG and where did it come from?” you ask. SFG is the brainchild of racer and promoter Kyle Riley. “I had a vision to offer racers the chance to race for big money that the average racer could not afford, but I give God all the credit for the idea because it was sent from God,” states Riley.

Riley also adds, “Until SFG came about your average racer couldn’t afford the chance to run for 50k or 100k because it was out of their price range.
I wanted your everyday bracket racer to know what it feels like to stage up for that kind of money. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I’ve always felt it’s better to give than to receive.

The racers have really supported SFG in its first years, so I want to show them that I really appreciate their support so I raised the payouts and lowered the entry fees. Everyone will see the better SFG does the more the racer will benefit from our success.”

For more on the World Series of Bracket Racing and SFG Promotions, visit www.racesfg.com or contact Kyle Riley at (708) 921-5737 or kyle@racesfg.com

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