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Schuster & Baker win big at Summit Racing Sept Slam

J.P Schuster and Josh Baker cash in at the Summit Racing Equipment September Slam.

WEST SALEM, OH – The September Slam presented by ACE Ohio Events took place last weekend, September 5-8, 2019 at Dragway 42. The originally scheduled three-day big money bracket event featured three $20,000 to win races on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. But, due to inclement weather, Sunday was rained out at the beginning of third round.

As an added bonus, there was also two $5,000-to-win Gamblers Warmup shootouts held on Thursday and another on Friday night. In the interest of keeping a compact schedule, the September Slam main event races were limited to the first 400 entries. The $1,000 Junior Dragster race also took place on Saturday.

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The event also featured an American Dream Fall Shootout on Friday night. This unique race offered American Race Car customers a free entry and a shot to win a brand-new 2019 American dragster chassis. “There isn’t any other dragster or contingency race on the planet like this” said race promoter, Jacob Elrod.

Thursday No ET, No RT, No Scoreboards and No ET Slips

To kick off the weekend, 16 competitors raced without score boards or ET slips in a fun shootout. It was $100 to enter, winner takes all. All racers had to wait until the end of the finals to receive any ET slips. In the final, Mia Tedesco defeated Bryson Scruggs in some friendly team competition. Scruggs was .00 and under by .006 taking .04 at the stripe.

In the Semi-final round, Tedesco took on Caraline McCarty in her iconic wheelie wagon. McCarty was -.0007 while Tedesco was -.0002 behind her. Scruggs was .004 take 4 over Chris Gulitti.

Thursdays Abruzzi’s Transmission 5k gamblers race

In the $5,000 Gamblers Warm-up race final, Matt Dadas in the Oldsmobile grabs the win over Cary Gill in the American dragster. Dadas was .018 dead nine over Gill’s .016 taking .022 stripe to break out with a 4.489 on a 4.50 dial.

The race started at 5:14pm and finished up around 10:13pm making it an early night for racers. Semifinalists included Bill Priest Jr. and young gun, Cory Gulitti.

Fridays Moser Engineering $20,000

J.P Schuster in his Camaro defeats Jeff Sowers in an anti-climactic final round. Schuster was .021 on the tree and sadly, Sowers rocked out of the beams while the tree was activated.

Lee Newmeyer turned it -.001 red to Friday’s winner Schuster in the semi-final round. Sowers had a bye to the final.

Mady Gill accomplished her first perfect run .000/dead on 0 and then went on the celebrate her 21st birthday on Saturday.

American Dream Fall Shootout

Six rounds of staging lanes full of only American dragsters, all to win a FREE 2019 American chassis, powder coated, with a Moser Engineering Center Section and Moser Axles. Penske Racing Shock, Digital Delay Mega Panel and Mega Switch, custom designed and painted by R&R Auto Body in Cleveland. Valued over $25,000.

Noah Rambow defeated one of the best, Chris Bear in the final round late Friday night. Rambow was .007 and ran a 4.507 on 4.49 dial. Bear was .031 and dead on picking up the runner-up.

Friday Gamblers Race

In the 32-car bonus shootout, Ryan Sparks was the $5,000 winner over Christopher Sons. Sparks was .018 dead on and Sons turned it -.0003 red to earn the runner-up spot. This was the last event of Friday ending the day around 10:30pm.

Also Friday night, Papa Luccini catered the Racer Appreciation dinner of tender white meat chicken breasts, cooked in delicious gravy and stuffing, served with buttery mashed potatoes and sweet cooked corn. 

Papa Luccini is the official chef of ACE Ohio events now for all four 2018 & 2019 events. “It puts Cracker Barrel in its place. This is good food, not good for you food” said Elrod.

Saturday $20,000

With over 300 cars in attendance, the purse was still guaranteed. In the final, Kentucky’s Josh Baker defeats Canadian Jamie Tupper in the day two $20,000 main event. Baker was .015 and ran a 4.619 on 4.61 dial. Tupper was .020 and ran a 4.747 on a 4.73 dial picking up the runner-up.

Saturday $1,000 Junior Dragster 32-car Shootout

Caleb Burns defeated Callie Martel in the final round of the $1,000 junior dragster shootout. Burns was .044 dead 9 over Martel’s .073 running a 7.943 on 7.92 dial.

Saturday $5,000 Gamblers Race

At 12 cars, at 1:34 am an unfortunate late-night transmission fluid line failure plastered fluid from the starting line and past the 1/4 mile finish line. The 6 drivers that won that round all agreed to receive their $100 back and ACE Ohio gave each driver $1000 to finish the gamblers race and end the night.

Sunoco Sunday $20,000

At the beginning of third round, racing came to a halt when a light rain came through. The ACE Ohio team members had been battling the weather situation all morning. At 4:45pm, they called the race due to heavy rain on the radar. They decided the give all drivers in round 3 an equal split of the days purse. Each driver ended up with $425. 

The ACE Ohio Event owners Marco Abruzzi, Travis Colangelo, and Jacob Elrod are excited for plans started in 2020 ACE Events. Stay tuned to the ACE Ohio Events, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the September Slam this past weekend. Keep up with Drag Champ for all of your big money bracket racing news.  

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About the Author: Payton Pillinger is a 23-year-old bracket racer living in Nashville, TN. She races a S10 truck in Pro at local tracks around her home. She graduated from the University of Tampa with her Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations and Advertising in 2020. Payton is also the owner and creator of the female motorsports association, Chicks on Slicks.

You can reach Payton on Facebook at @chicksonslicks or email at payton@dragchamp.com.

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