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SFG Big Fun Results. Zinzilieta, Taylor, Schmall, and Hawk Jr. Win Their Share of $110,000 Purse at SFG Big Fun Presented by Summit Racing Equipment at Tucson Dragway.

TUCSON, AZ. (Nov. 24, 2019): 

In typical SFG fashion, the inaugural SFG Big Fun event presented by Summit Racing Equipment at Tucson Dragway ended in a major success. Despite rain delays and power outages pushing the finals of all four races to Saturday, four winners were crowned last night and took home a combined winners purse of $110,000. 

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Curtis Zinzilieta took an impressive win with his footbrake entry in the FTI $50,000-to-win race, Chuck Hawk Jr. won the first $5,000-to-win No Box Shootout, Andy Schmall won the second No Box Shootout, and Jeff Taylor won the Summit Racing Equipment $50,000-to-win race.

FTI $50,000-To-Win Race One

In the quarterfinals of the first $50,000-to-win race, three door cars and four dragsters were left standing. In the round of 7:

  • Curtis Zinzilieta took out Brad Pierce. The two opponents were .084 and .082 on the tree respectively, and Zinzilieta capitalized on their near matching (albeit late) lights by going dead-on with a four to take the round win
  • Michael Pennington took a bye to the semi-final round 
  • Peeps Pennington (kin to Michael) went .005 red to give the round win to Duston Wurtz
  • Kris Whitfield was .002 red, giving the round win to Marko Perivolaris

In the semi-finals:

  • Zinzilieta was .013 on the tree and ran a 6.067 on his 6.06 dial-in to beat Michael Pennington’s .024 light, and .008 above the dial-in run
  • Wurtz was .030 on the tree and .002 above for the win after Perivolaris turned it .002 red

In the finals, Zinzilieta took home the $50,000 payday after Wurtz went .002 red on the tree.

sfg big fun results

“It feels awesome, this is the best win of my life,” said Zinzilleta in the winners circle. “I just made one pass at a time, and had a lot of people here to help who paid attention behind the scenes. She wasn’t able to make it this weekend, but [I’d like to thank] my wife who’s the most important thing, and is a big supporter of me in the car. I’ve got some good friends and a brother back home who made this car happen”, explains Zinzelleta with his $50,000 check in hand.

$5,000 No Box-Shootout Race One

Chuck Hawk Jr. was on kill in his footbrake machine as he won Friday’s No-Box Shootout before racing to a runner-up finish in Saturday’s No-Box Shootout. 

“This is awesome, I’m glad they brought this stuff out to the west coast. Big thanks to Kyle and SFG, we really appreciate it,” says Hawk while holding his winner and runner-up checks.

sfg big fun results

$5,000 No Box-Shootout Race Two

In the final of the second No-Box Shootout, Andy Schmall was .026 on the tree and went 6.182 on his 6.13 dial-in to take the $5,000 win over Hawk Jr. (who was .059 on the tree and .049 above his 7.37 dial-in).

“It feels pretty good, especially on a big stage like this,” said Schmall. “It’s awesome, anytime we can get big money on the west coast, we try to attend. I’d like to thank AJ [Ashe] and Kyle [Riley] and SFG for bringing big money out here, Summit [Racing Equipment] for supporting the event, Fastronics, Digital Delay, G&S Dyno in Minnesota, and my wife Jamie.”

Summit Racing Equipment $50,000 Race Two

As temperatures dropped to the 50s in the Arizona desert, quarterfinalist (round 7 contestants) of the second $50,000-to-win race included two doorcars and three dragsters. In the round of 5:

  • Hank Mulligan ran 5.287 on his 5.27 dial after an .018 light to defeat Alex Sanden who was .019 on the tree and ran 6.089 on his 6.05 dial
  • Val Torres Jr. took a bye into the semis
  • Taylor was .003 and dead on (.003 package) to defeat Chris Lindsay who was mathematically ineligible after a competitive .013 light

In the semi-finals:

  • Torres Jr. was .028 on the tree and ran 4.698 on his 4.69 dial to take the win over Mulligan who was .037 up front, and ran 5.279 on a 5.27 dial-in
  • Taylor took the bye-run to the finals

In the finals, at about 9:45pm, Taylor was .016 on the tree and .009 above his dial-in for the win over Torres Jr. who was .017 on the tree and .018 above his dial-in to close out the weekend.

sfg big fun results


“What is SFG and where did it come from?” you ask. SFG is the brainchild of racer and promoter Kyle Riley. “I had a vision to offer racers the chance to race for big money that the average racer could not afford, but I give God all the credit for the idea because it was sent from God,” states Riley. Riley also adds, “Until SFG came about your average racer couldn’t afford the chance to run for 50k or 100k because it was out of their price range.

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I wanted your everyday bracket racer to know what it feels like to stage up for that kind of money. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I’ve always felt it’s better to give than to receive. The racers have really supported SFG in its first years, so I want to show them that I really appreciate their support so I raised the payouts and lowered the entry fees. Everyone will see the better SFG does the more the racer will benefit from our success.”

For more information on SFG Promotions, visit www.racesfg.com or contact Kyle Riley at (708) 921-5737 or kyle@racesfg.com.


Tucson Dragway is located just 10 miles from Downtown Tucson at 12000 S Houghton Rd. Tucson, AZ 85747. Their office number is 520.762.9700.

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