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Thunderstorms Delay SFG Big Fun event at Tucson

SFG Big Fun Event Friday recap from Tucson Dragway. Power Outages and Thunderstorms Push $50,000 Paydays to Saturday at Tucson Dragway.

TUCSON, AZ. (Nov. 22, 2019): From the onset of the SFG Big Fun event at Tucson Dragway, the schedule has shifted due to weather. Race week started with the cancellation of Thursday’s $15,000 warm-up race as the Pima County fairgrounds (home to Tucson Dragway) were slow to absorb water from recent downpours.

Marching forward into the first $50,000-to-win race today, the weather looked excellent, but the start time was slightly delayed to 11am as water continued to seep at the top end of the racetrack this morning. 

Gage Burch wins $525,000 at SFG 500!

After the track drying process was complete, the race ran smoothly right up until the unexpected happened. As the final pairs of second round rolled toward the starting line, a power outage plagued the racetrack.

Despite these setbacks, two racers will still go home with $50,000 checks by the end of Saturday. SFG will finish the first $50k-to-win race, starting at 10am on Saturday, then go on to crown winners of the second $50k-to-win race on Saturday evening.

For race fans interested in watching SFG’s drivers battle for $100,000 on Saturday, spectator passes for are just $15, and kids 12 and under get in free. Gates open at 8am. For those wanting to watch from home, please refer to SFG’s FaceBook page for extensive live updates and content.

Mikey Bloomfield wins $200,000 at SFG World Series.


“What is SFG and where did it come from?” you ask. SFG is the brainchild of racer and promoter Kyle Riley. “I had a vision to offer racers the chance to race for big money that the average racer could not afford, but I give God all the credit for the idea because it was sent from God,” states Riley. Riley also adds, “Until SFG came about your average racer couldn’t afford the chance to run for 50k or 100k because it was out of their price range.

I wanted your everyday bracket racer to know what it feels like to stage up for that kind of money. A lot of people think I’m crazy, but I’ve always felt it’s better to give than to receive. The racers have really supported SFG in its first years, so I want to show them that I really appreciate their support so I raised the payouts and lowered the entry fees. Everyone will see the better SFG does the more the racer will benefit from our success.”

For more information on SFG Promotions, visit www.racesfg.com or contact Kyle Riley at (708) 921-5737 or kyle@racesfg.com.


Tucson Dragway is located just 10 miles from Downtown Tucson at 12000 S Houghton Rd. Tucson, AZ 85747. Their office number is 520.762.9700.

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