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Winners crowned at the Derby City $100K

Derby City $100K race results from Ohio Valley Dragway. Check out the final race results from Kentucky’s largest paying bracket race!

LOUISVILLE, KY – The Derby City $100K took place September 27-29, 2019 at Ohio Valley Dragway. The event featured three $15,000 to win races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and a special $100,000 to win 64-car shootout on Saturday night.

A racer appreciation party was also held Saturday night to give back to the racers. In addition, racers enjoyed a huge fireworks show at the conclusion of the $100K Shootout final on Saturday night.

Friday Derby City $15K Results

Marty White Jr Friday winner

Marty White Jr. kicked off the weekend with a $15,000 victory over Joe Hoskins.

In the semi-final round, Hoskins defeated Jacob Decker whileWhite Jr. had the bye to the final.

Saturday Derby City $15K Results

Gary Williams Kenny Underwood Derby City $100k

In Saturday’s final round, Gary Williams and Kenny Underwood decided to save fuel and split the $15,000 cash prize.

Semi-finalists included Kevin Hall and Cody McDaniel.

Saturday $100K 64-Car Shootout Results

Garrett Griffith Derby City $100k winner

In the door car versus dragster main event final, 17- year-old Garrett Griffith grabs the $100,000 win over Josh McDaniel.

Semi-finalists included Kenny Underwood and Rob Kropfeld.

Sunday Derby City $15K Results

Hayden Jones Sunday Derby Citywinner

On Sunday, Hayden Jones defeated J.P. Schuster in the $15,000 final round to finish off the weekend.

In the semifinal round, Schuster gets the win over Stephen “Champ” McCrory and Jones takes the bye.

Congratulations to all winners and finalists from the Derby City $100K.

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