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Big Nasty Practice Tree Shootout & Benefit Raffle

Theobald Motorsports presents the Big Nasty Practice Tree Shootout and Benefit Raffle with all proceeds going to Kyle Seipel.

LAS VEGAS – The Theobald Motorsports crew is hosting the Big Nasty Practice Tree Shootout and Benefit Raffle Nov. 8 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The event will benefit our friend and fellow racer Kyle Seipel who announced recently that he is battling cancer once again.

Big Nasty Kyle Seipel Logo

Here’s the update from Kyle’s Facebook page on 10/24.

I’ve been dealt with another challenge.

My tongue cancer has metastasized and spread to other areas of my body.

I went through the “Why didn’t they do this” or “I should of done that” stage. Now it’s time to educate ourselves the best we can, choose a path, and put all of our time and effort into controlling this disease.

We are heading out to MD Anderson in Houston this Sunday to see what potential treatment they have to offer.

Once again I’m learning about “perspective”. I’ll be the first to admit I’ve always had the “glass is half full” outlook on life. This will not change my perspective. I’m thankful for all of the great things in my life. I have a beautiful family that supports me, friends that always have my back, and get paid to put on drag racing events that I would want to participate in myself.

This journey will once again make me closer to the ones I count on along with others that I wouldn’t of even crossed paths with without fighting this, both of which will only make me a better and stronger person.

Please give me the strength that you all have done in the past so we can fight this together.

Let’s roll.

Kyle Seipel wristband

After hearing this, the Theobald family raced to put together an event to raise funds for Kyle and his family during this difficult time. The practice tree race will be held at the conclusion of Friday’s time trials at the Theobald pit area. Raffle entries will be accepted through Nov. 9 with winners drawn on Nov. 10.

You do not have to be present to win the raffle items, they will be shipped to the winners!

Big Nasty Practice Tree Shootout

Theobald Motorsports pit area at the Division 7 Lucas Oil Divisional at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Enty fee is $20 dollars and racers can purchase up to three entries.

Winner receives a custom trophy, West Coast Bracket Races Desert Classic weekend entry, set of rear tires, and K&N oil filters.

Runner up receives a set of rear tires and a K&N car/truck intake.

All proceeds from the Practice Tree Shootout go directly to Kyle Seipel!

Big Nasty Practice Tree Shootout

Benefit Raffle

Raffle is available to everyone and you do not have to be present to win! All raffle entries are eligible for all prizes.

Entries are $25 per spot with 100% of the proceeds going to Kyle. Racers can enter using PayPal or in person at the LVMS national or divisional races.


Raffle entries will be accepted through Nov. 9 and winners will be drawn on Nov. 10.

Numerous companies have donated prizes for this great event. Listed below are some of the wonderful prizes available in the raffle.

  • Hoosier Racing Tire – 3 sets of drive tires
  • Goodyear – 3 sets of drive tires
  • Mickey Thompson Tires – Front tires for the custom Big Nasty front LRP wheels
  • Biondo Racing Products – Sparco jacket and pants
  • West Coast Bracket Races – Desert Classic weekend entry and West Coast Classic 50K Gamblers Race entry
  • Lindsay Racing Products – set of custom Big Nasty front wheels
  • CRE Racing Transmissions – 2 transmission freshen ups
  • Specialty Fasteners – gift certificate for product
  • K&N – dragster and door car scoops, cases of oil filters, truck and car intake kits
  • DJ Safety – driving jacket and pants
  • Precision Racing Suspensions – 2 complete shock rebuilds
  • Total Oil and Lubricants – 2 cases of racing oil and 2 cases of heavy duty diesel oil
  • Moser Engineering – gift certificate
Big Nasty Benefit Raffle

For more information, contact Parker or Tanner Theobald.

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