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DragChamp Sportsman Racing Top 10 List 6/26/19

Welcome to the DragChamp Sportsman Racing Top 10 List!

Who was the best of the best in sportsman drag racing last week? Read the DragChamp Top 10 List to find out. This week we have tons of new faces and as always, a few returning racers.

It’s amazing that some of the same racers continue to make the list month after month. It just goes to show that hard work, dedication, practice, and constant improvement are the keys to success.

Those willing to put in the time and effort, reap the rewards.

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We are sportsman racers and know first hand what it takes to excel in our sport. That’s why we celebrate the top performers in sportsman drag racing each week.

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DragChamp Top 10 List 6/26/19

1 – Troy Poindexter

Troy went off at the Flatbill Promotions Mississippi Madness race at Holly Springs. Not only did Troy win the $15K Main Event on Saturday, he also grabbed the $5K Gamblers win as well.

Troy Poindexter Big Check Top 10 List
Troy Poindexter Top 10 List

Now I’m told he hasn’t hit the top in 12 years but decided to do so at this event. All I can say is wow! Poindexter’s impressive night earned him the top spot this week.

2 – Drew Skillman

Drew has had an amazing year in NHRA Factory Stock and Stock Eliminator. All combined, he has competed in five national events and has four wins. He defeated his teammate, and father, Bill Skillman in the Factory Stock Showdown final at the Summit Racing Equipment Nationals last weekend.

Drew Skillman Wins NHRA Summit Racing Nationals

The win was his third in the Factory Stock class this season. Skillman also picked up a win in Stock Eliminator at the 4-Wide Nationals in Charlotte earlier in the season. No matter the class, this guys just wins races!

3 – Henry Roberson

After topping the list a couple of weeks ago, Henry occupies the three spot this week. With a Sportsman win and a runner up finish in Pro, Roberson locked up the Sportsman track championship. His runner up in Pro vaulted him to third place in the class standings.

DragChamp Racer Spotlight Henry Roberson Top 10 list

Another great weekend for the talented racer. To learn more about Henry, check out his racer spotlight article here.

4 – Jody Lang

Not only did Jody Lang win his 50th NHRA Divisional Wally over the weekend, it was his third straight win. Lang earned his 50th Wally at the Division 6 Lucas Oil Series event at Mission Raceway over the weekend.

Jody Lang pic by Matt Levonas
Jody Lang photo by Matt Levonas
Jody Lang 50th LODRS win at 2019 D6 Mission Raceway

The win came on the heels of a couple of bracket racing wins over the previous two weeks. Although he drives one of the slower cars in Stock, Jody has proven his abilities over the years by consistently winning races. He is always a threat to win and is a championship contender year in and year out.

5 – David Myhre

Although Henry Roberson has grabbed the spotlight lately, another Sacramento racer also put together an impressive season. David Myhre won two, count’em, two track championships this season.

David Myhre Sacramento Raceway track champion 2019 Pro and Super Pro

In the final race weekend of the 2019 points season, David was runner up on Saturday in Super Pro and won Sunday. The weekend also ended with David claiming two track championships. He won the Super Pro and Pro championships in the final race.

6 – Nick Shepherd

Nick not only won his first NHRA Divisional race over the weekend, he almost won two! He drove his Super Comp dragster to the final round of the Division 6 Lucas Oil Series Race #1 at Mission Raceway on Friday.

Nick Shepherd SC pic by Robert Grice
Nick Shepherd photo by Robert Grice

Although he came up short, Nick went back to work on Saturday looking for more. After working his way through the talented field for the second day in a row, Shepherd laid down .012 total to capture his first divisional win.

7 – Wesley Lockhart

Lockhart won the people’s vote this week after another terrific weekend. Competing at Beacon Dragway, he pulled the double on Friday collecting a $5K win along with a $1,500 win.

Wesley Lockhart

This comes just a few weeks removed from his $5K runner up at the Great American Bracket Race.

8 – Brian Garner

Garner pulled off the near impossible at Beacon Dragway last weekend. He managed to run himself in the final round of a $5K. As hard as it is to win one time, it’s unbelievably difficult to race yourself in a final.

Brian Garner

Brian also picked up a runner up finish the week prior as a warm up to his big weekend.

9 – Hunter Whitehead

Driving the car they call “Butterbean”, 21 year old Hunter Whitehead grabbed his first big win over the weekend. Whitehead cashed for $10K after defeating Texas ace Chad Sandlin in the Mississippi Madness final round.

Hunter Whithead
Hunter Whithead

10 – Jacob Pitt

Jacob grabs the final spot on the list this week with his Super Stock win at the Division 4 LODRS at No Problem Raceway. The win is his third of the year after winning Stock at the Dallas LODRS and the NHRA Spring Nationals.

Jacob Pitt 2019 D4 SS winner No Problem LODRS
Jacob Pitt

Shout Outs

In what’s quickly becoming a regular staple of the DragChamp Top 10 List, here are some shout outs to racers that just missed the list.

Davis Deming – The young Jr. Street competitor has four wins at Firebird Raceway this season in just six races. His strong performance has just about locked up the season championship.

Davis Deming
Davis Deming

Chad Sandlin – Chad once again showed out at a big money bracket race. This time it was in Mississippi instead of Texas. Chad was runner up to Hunter Whitehead at the Mississippi Madness event and also went tons of rounds the rest of the weekend. Bad dude!

Chad Sandlin

Ryan Warter – Although we don’t cover Competition Eliminator in great detail, Warter’s double win at Mission Raceway earned a shout out!

Ryan Warter pic by robert grice
Ryan Warter photo by Robert Grice

LJ Jordan – LJ has been racing at Twin City Raceway since I was a kid, and that was a while ago. I grew up with his kids and watching him compete week in and week out against my Dad and all there friends.

LJ Jordan Top 10 List
LJ Jordan

LJ always raced a low-slung Nova with a fast small block Chevy under the hood. Last weekend LJ won Super Pro at Twin City which proves he’s still got it and he’s still going strong. It was so cool to see LJ and his Nova standing tall in the winners circle.

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