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DragChamp Top Ten List 5/23/19

The latest DragChamp Top Ten List is hot off the presses. We’ve scoured race results from across the country to spotlight the top performers in sportsman drag racing.

Last weekend included a host of sportsman races from racetracks across the country. Some of the bigger events included:

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1 – Drew Skillman – Drew tops this week’s list after picking up his third straight Wally of the season at the NHRA Virginia Nationals. He won Factory Stock at the Gatornationals, Stock at the Charlotte 4-Wides, and Factory Stock again last week in Virginia.

Drew Skillman 2019 NHRA Virginia Nationals Factory Stock Champ
Drew Skillman

Skillman and his father Bill have combined to win all three 2019 NHRA Factory Stock races. That’s what I call an impressive start to the season.

2 – Mike Luedke – Luedke won the Huntsville Dragway $50,000 Price is Right race last weekend. As I’ve mentioned before, you win $50k, you get on the list. Luedke defeated Lance Kittle in the final and Steve Law was the lone semifinalist.

Mike Luedke Huntsville Dragway 2019 $50k winner
Mike Luedke

3 – TG Paschal – TG added another big win to his impressive list of accomplishments. He won the $40,000 main event at the Loose Rocker Super Doorcar $40K Challenge at Piedmont Dragway on Saturday.

As typical at a Loose Rocker event, the competition was insane. Check out the Loose Rocker Facebook page if you don’t believe me.

TG Paschal Super Doorcar 40k main event winner
TG Paschal

Click here to read more on TG’s impressive weekend.

4 – Jake Howard – This guy seems to live on this list. It seems as though he’s in at least a couple of finals at every big dollar footbrake race in Texas. At the Texas Triple Tens last weekend Jake won Friday night’s $5K and was runner up on Sunday’s $10K.

As if that wasn’t enough, he ran himself at three cars on Sunday. Good thing for the competition that it rained on Saturday or he might have made it three for three. Read more on his Friday win here.

Jake Howard Texas Triple Tens
Jake Howard and the Fireturd

5 – Mark Campbell – Campbell pulled off the hat trick recently at Bemerton Raceway. He won Friday’s Gamblers race, Saturday’s Super Quick race, and Sunday’s Super Pro event. I’d say that’s a full weekend!

Mark Campbell drag racing
Mark Campbell

6 – Joe Soucek Jr. – Soucek had a successful outing at the IHRA Summit Sportsman Spectacular at Dragway 42. After winning the $5,000 Mod division, Soucek drove to the final of the $5,000 Top division. Rain interrupted racing on Sunday keeping Soucek from another possible final.

Read more about Soucek’s win here.

Joe Soucek makes two finals at ihra at dragway 42
Joe Soucek Jr.

7 – Koy Collier – After making a late season run at the 2018 Super Comp world championship, Collier has continued his winning ways in 2019. In April, he within one win light of successfully defending his 2018 Super Gas win at the NHRA Spring Nationals. On Sunday, Collier proved his versatility as a driver by winning the $20,000 Box class at Texas Triple Tens.

Koy continues to excel against some of the most talented racers in the country.

Koy Collier texas triple tens
Koy Collier

8 – Jeff Serra – Not only can this guy drive, he’s got some mad design skills…hint In Motion Solutions. His latest feat behind the wheel came at the Loose Rocker Super Doorcar Challenge. Serra collected the $10,000 win on Friday night.

This is not his first big win of the season though. Serra was runner up in the $15K Warm Up at the SFG Powerball, winner of the $10 Grand Slam at Richmond, and runner up at a $5K at the St. Patrick’s Classic.

Loose Rocker Super Doorcar 40K Challenge Friday Race Results
Jeff Serra with daughters

9 – Blair McNutt – Blair continued her recent string of big money bottom bulb finals last weekend. She made her third No Box final round in the last four weeks on Friday at the Texas Triple Tens. Although she settled for runner up honors to Jake Howard, Blair continues to impress.

A few weeks earlier she won the $5,000 No Box event at the Texas Triple Tens and followed it up with a $2,500 No Box win at Houston Raceway.

Blair McNutt Friday No Box Runner up Texas Triple Tens
Blair McNutt

10 – Kris Whitfield Kris followed up his $20,000 Shootout win at the K&N Southwest Showdown in March with another final round last weekend. He was poised to collect another trophy at the Night of Fire in Denver.

Unfortunately, rain moved in before the Super Comp final could be completed. Kris is a bad dude and a pretty good blogger as well. Check out his most recent blogs here and here.

Kris Whitfield 2019 Southwest Showdown 20k winner
Kris Whitfield

10.5 – Since I missed this a few weeks back, I wanted to acknowledge a tremendous effort by Seth Mclean at the Division 6 Opener at Firebird Raceway. Friday night Seth made the final of the Gamblers race for the third straight year.

Saturday, Seth took runner up honors in the No Box Gamblers race to Division 6 hitter Jody Lang. Seth finally got it done on Sunday to claim his first NHRA Wally after winning the Pro final. Three days, three finals, one Wally. Also, I forgot to mention Seth drives his race car to the track.

Seth Mclean
Seth Mclean

Thanks to Chris Northup for notifying us of Seth’s accomplishments.

Let us know what you think of the list. Did we get it right, did we miss someone? Drop us a line and let us know.

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