Monday, July 22, 2024

DRAW Reaches Significant Milestone

DRAW, the Drag Racing Association of Women, reached a significant milestone recently when their assistance to racing families reach $5 million dollars.

On the eve of DRAW’S 35th anniversary in 2020, the drag racer’s charitable organization has surpassed a rather significant milestone. In August, DRAW had paid 5 million dollars in financial assistance to 947 families.

After a successful fund raiser to help Shirley Muldowney after her violent accident in 1984, a group of professional racer’s wives decided that if the drag racing community was willing to help one racer, would they be willing to help many more? It turns out they were correct.

In 1985, this idea was turned into the Drag Racing Association of Women and become a 501(3)(c) charity. DRAW’s purpose is to provide assistance to drivers and crew members injured in a drag racing accident. DRAW continues to be an all-volunteer group, with no paid employees and no offices.

To donate or volunteer, go to www.drawonline.org for more information

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