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BEX Sunglasses Joins Chase-N-Dad Racing


WAXAHACHIE, TEXAS – We have all heard of Oakley and Ray-Ban, but the name BEX has not been heard in the drag racing markets. A brand that focuses on the high paced and demanding world of rodeo, is moving into drag racing.

Based out of North Las Vegas, Nevada with over 700 retail locations and an extensive long online retailer list, BEX can be found worldwide. Now they will be found on and off the racetrack.

Jason Adams, the founder of BEX, started the company in 2009. The company has nearly double its revenue each year since its birth. Jason started the company by shadowing experts in the industry and learning the ins and outs, trying to minimize the mistakes.

BEX Sunglasses Logo

But just like with anything, you cannot always plan for everything. Jason and has been knocked down many times but with his rodeo mind, he dusts himself off and got back on the horse. That motto has taken him and BEX to where they are today.

As a veteran outdoor enthusiast and cowboy, Jason understood that people go through sunglasses more than anything else in their gear bag. Polarized, lightweight, sunglasses are a necessity if you make your living outdoors, especially if you are participating in extreme sports.

The BEX brand became known not through expensive marketing campaigns, but by word of mouth from the people who started wearing their gear.

While on a trip to Las Vegas that was the same weekend as the National Finals Rodeo, Rick & Jamie Huffman took a walk through the convention center exhibits that compliments the rodeo. Seeing the BEX display and glasses, Rick was instantly drawn to the glasses for their performance and comfort but ultimately their price when compared to the “high end” counter parts.


Having never heard or seen BEX, that sparked an interest for Rick to become a dealer and bring the BEX name to drag racing. Rick called BEX and Chase-N-Dad Racing became a dealer for BEX.

With the ultimate plan to bring BEX into drag racing and show racers and fans alike. Rick, Chase, and the whole team will be sporting BEX sunglasses on and off the track, as well as selling popular models at their trailer.

As a dealer for BEX, Chase-N-Dad Racing will spotlight BEX logo on Rick’s Super Street Camaro in 2019, as well as an associate sponsor on all 4 competition vehicles. Along with selling BEX sunglasses, the Chase-N-Dad Racing team will be providing support back to BEX on what racers want and need.

Check out BEXSunglasses.com to find the style that suits you best! Then contact Rick or Chase Huffman to order the style or to try them on at an event.

You can also find more about Chase-N-Dad Racing online at www.ChaseNDadRacing.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/chasendad.

If you’d like more information on this topic, please contact Chase Huffman @ (817) 648-9900 or via email chuffman431a@gmail.com.

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