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Brittany Boltz Racer Blog – May 2019

You Must Be a Drag Racer

Take a minute out of your day and think about all of the people who have ever helped you become successful. Is your list endless? Well, you must be a drag racer.

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching (psst guys it’s May 12th) and Father’s Day coming up right after that (June 16th), I thought it would only be appropriate to write a post about all of the people that drag racers have to thank and for me, two of the most important are my parents.

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Some people are lucky like me to spend nearly every weekend spring, summer and fall with their parents and other loved ones. Although we might not always get along 100% of the time, I wouldn’t want to spend my weekends any other way.

Brittany Boltz with her Mom
Brittany Boltz with her Mom

Don’t have biological family to spend your weekends throwing money down the drain and blowing your ear drums out with? No worries. You can find a “racing family” at any drag strip across the country. When it comes to comradery in sports where you’re competing against your closest allies, you won’t find a stronger love than in drag racing.

Some people say they’re addicted to racing itself but for me (and most other drag racers, I think), the addiction comes down to feeling like you’re a part of something else. I’ve never been one to have many friends outside of school or work because not only is a majority of my time spent racing, real quality individuals are hard to come by these days if you ask me.

Brittany Boltz with Dad
Brittany with her Dad

What percentage of weekends spent at the drag strip go smoothly the entire time? Zero percent for most people. A picture perfect weekend for a drag racer would mean no rain, no broken parts, not a single win light in the opposite lane, good food and drink, and hoisting the Wally and a decent check (that’s not post-dated) at the end of the weekend with no traffic on your way there or home. Talk about a pipe dream so why do we do it?

“I get by with a little help from my friends.”

Throughout the 12 years of racing myself and the 25 years that I’ve been around it in general, I’ve realized that there will always be someone in drag racing that will have my back. Sure everyone wants the win for themselves but for whatever reason, drag racers have this undeniable urge to help each other.

Birttany Boltz Keystones
Late night thrash at the Keystones

I’d probably list almost every race I’ve been at if I had to compile a log of all of the times that someone has helped me and my family out in a pinch. Whether it’s a bottle of water, a quarter to flip for lanes, dial paint, a fuel pump or rear end gear, someone has let me borrow one so my weekend doesn’t end early.

Bittany Boltz Super Stock rear end change
A little rear end maintenance

The “racing family” dynamic is something that a random person pulled off the street probably wouldn’t be able to fully comprehend. It’s not something that’s easily put into words but can only truly be felt from experience.

I have been blessed with the most supportive parents who have done everything they can to raise me to be a proud member of society and I’m lucky enough that they also support my drag racing habits. I have extended family that cheer me on from afar and send me good luck texts every weekend (shout-out Mama, Papa, and Granny).

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The people I have on my side are the real MVPs when it comes to any success that I have in life. I’m me because of them. But what’s most fascinating to a majority of people I try to explain my crazy life to, is that since birth, I was raised not only with a biological family but a “racing family” as well and for that I am forever grateful.

So if you empathize with anything that I just said, you must be a drag racer.

Theres more to life
Brittany Boltz dragchamp racer blog
Brittany Boltz

About the Author: After growing up around drag racing, Brittany Boltz began racing Jr. dragsters at 13. Just six years later she took over her father’s Super Stock Firebird. Brittany currently races her 1991 Firebird in NHRA Division 1 Super Stock. In addition to her racing efforts, Brittany is a Certified Pharmacy Technician and also operates Platinum Promotional Products.

For the 2019 season, Brittany will represent sponsors Cam D Machine Shop, Mickey Thompson Tires, Lupo’s Dynamic Converters and Transmissions, VP Racing Fuel, Daniels Racing, Biondo Racing Products, and Odyssey Batteries.

You can connect with Brittany on Facebook @boltzracing or email at Brittany@dragchamp.com.

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