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DragChamp Guest Blog with Brody Quick

This week DragChamp brings you a Guest Blog from Southeast bracket racer Brody Quick. Brody grew up racing with his Dad and hoped in a Jr. Dragster at the age of seven. Success quickly followed as he won two track championships and two Eastern Conference team finals.

After moving up to the big cars, Brody took over the family’s ’67 Camaro aptly nicknamed Butterbean. He’s most recently known as the Team Captain of the winning team at the inaugural Dream Team Challenge. He was also voted to be a guest on the Dialed-In Podcast with Jake and Zach earlier this year.

Follow along as Brody highlights his early season racing exploits.

Breaking Glass

As racers it’s always exciting to adventure to a new racetrack. So for the first weekend of the month I decided to tag along with my friend, Danny Weaver, to Lassiter Mountain Dragway in Birmingham, Al.

“The Mountain” was a hot spot for Friday night bracket racing in the 1990’s and faded off of the map for a while. But recently it came under new management who is determined to bring the bracket classes back. They offered a free entry race which drew a huge crowd to the facility where Weaver and myself doubled his 1976 Camaro.

Danny Weaver Broken Side Glass
Danny Weaver

Sitting in the staging lanes before his first qualifying pass, Danny rolled up his window as he was about to pull into the water box and the driver side glass shattered. So we did what any Alabama redneck would do and raced the entire night windowless.

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I bowed out fourth round to a double breakout run and “Dream Weaver” ran the finals against hometown favorite Dewayne Martin at 3:15 A.M. Needless to say I was a bit tired at work the next morning.

DeWayne Martin
DeWayne Martin


Being only an hour away from my house, Huntsville Dragway has been my home track since I was old enough to wheel a junior dragster. In recent years it has become known as the bracket racing capital of the south. This is due to the huge money and extreme car counts the place seems to have every time it hosts a bracket race.

After having problems at Las Vegas in April, I had our Camaro, Butterbean, ready to rock and roll again for fifty large. It wasn’t meant to be though as the worst total package I had put up against me over the course of the first two days was .013.

Mike Luedke did however capitalize on Saturday as he took down Lance Kittle in a dragster vs. door car match up in the $50,000 final round. Standing true to my claim to fame, I stood in Luedke’s dance floor picture despite never talking to the man himself.

Mike Luedke Huntsville 50k winner 5-2019
Mike Luedke

Sunday I did manage to recuperate a little money as I rolled through four rounds before making my weekend exit. Two rounds later the rain came and forced the promoters to call the event. They ultimately split $10,000 between the remaining 32 drivers.

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Dream Team
Dream Team

Britt Cummings and Gaylon Rolison Jr. always promote a top-notch race at any of the Great American Bracket Race events. The Dream Team Challenge is no exception. Texas boys dominated the weekend on the top bulb side as I watched Curt Harvey, Cory Gulitti, and Hunter Patton take home American flag big checks. On the bottom bulb side Mike Payne, Luke Siebert, and Timmy Elliot took home wins as well.

Waking up Saturday morning with the mindset to defend our teams title as the only Dream Team Challenge winners ever was an exciting feeling. Our championship winning team from last year consisted of Chase Rampy, Daniel Wiles, Danny Weaver, Tracey Guffey, and myself. So obviously we decided to keep the same group this year.

After two red lights on our side and a very good lap for the other team, our day ended in the first round. Brad Plourd did however team up with the Richardson boyz in both top and bottom bulb categories.

Richardson Boyz 2019 Dream Team Winners
Brad Plourd with the Richardson Boyz

Plourd’s Nova had some major issues during time runs forcing him to unload the spare dragster in his trailer and find a rent-a-ride from Hunter Whitehead to run in Footbrake. As seen by most already, they swept the field in both classes with Plourd making the deciding run in both finals.

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Butterbean Gets Some Attention

After some early season struggles, I will take Butterbean under the knife to make some improvements. Even with the car performing fairly well, I feel like we need to make some changes to turn my luck around.

In the middle of the season here in Alabama with big money races popping up everywhere, I hope to have the car going again soon. The extra work should have Butterbean performing at its best potential. I’ll be sharpening my mind as well to gear up for a big summer and fall.

Brody Quick drag racer

About the author: Brody Quick has been involved in drag racing his entire life. His first ride came at the age of 7 in a Jr. dragster. After a successful Jr. career, Brody took the wheel of “Butterbean”, his family’s ’67 Camaro. Aside from bracket racing in the Southeast, Brody operates the Next Gen Facebook page where details he and his friends racing adventures.

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