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DragChamp Racer Blog with Brody Quick – Wreckers

DragChamp Racer Blog with Brody Quick – Wreckers to Checkers

It has been an eventful month at the racetrack to say the least. After spending most of my time in July away from a track, I’ve been to a different place every single weekend in August.

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My month started off well as I won a raffle for free entries and buybacks for the entire month to Baileyton Dragstrip, which is the closest race track to me. So for my first outing of August, I headed to “The Good Time” to capitalize on the benefits of racing for free.

I wheeled Butterbean down to five cars where I ran into a red hot Adam Davis who laid down .003 total beside me and went on to win the event. I also managed to strip a gear box and kick the drag link out which crushed one of my header tubes. Man, racing is so much fun… am I right?


Luckily I had a few weeks of downtime to get the car ready as I prepared to promote my own Free $5K at B-town the following weekend.

After dabbling in the other side of bracket racing all I can say is I have mad respect for anyone that has ever or will ever put on a race. It is extremely stressful but very rewarding. We started time trials at 3 p.m. and finished the race right around midnight.

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As saw by many, Barry Davis won the Footbrake side of the event and fell in with Super Pro where he proceeded to find the winners circle yet again in his third-gen Camaro after taking out Heath Davis in brother Adam’s Camaro in the final.

Barry Davis

Butterbean’s new headers were not ready in time for me to take the car to the SFG 300 Series race but I am fortunate enough to have very good friends in Shannon Walker and Chris Martin who let me whip their hot rods at that event. After a very lackluster performance on Friday I set my sights on a $50K check on Saturday.

Brody Quick Camaro SFG 300
Brody Quick Monza at SFG 300

I made my time trials and felt confident. After No-Box, I was the first pair out and proceeded to have my first wreck. The car left with the wheels up and went right. It unloaded the tires when it hit the wheelie bar, I landed and lifted the gas knowing I was out of the groove. The next thing I knew I was looking at the wall.

I have never felt so bad as I did stepping out of Chris’ Monza knowing I had hit the wall in another persons car. Guilt and shame are the best two words I can find to describe my emotions.

DragChamp Racer Blog Brody Quick 9-3-19

Sunday I didn’t perform much better as I let go perfect second round but proceeded to bow out of the race on a double breakout run.

Bean was back together and I headed to Alabama International Dragway in Steele, AL for the DragCoverage Night of Fire. I hadn’t been to Steele since 2012, but that year in junior dragsters I won 3 races and runnered-up 1 there.

With a new gear box, slicks, headers, and a fresh oil change I was really looking to just get some laps on the car in the shootout Friday night. As luck would have it, I wheeled my way to the dance floor and took home the win in a 32-car shootout out for an entry to the Million Dollar Race at Montgomery in October.

Brody Quick Winners Circle

Saturday paid five thousand dollars to win and I was feeling pretty darn confident. Hunter Whitehead also made his way east to double with me and knowing that his last event driving the car was a $10K win gave me a calming feeling that one of us were going to crack them for another big check.

Hunter and I were both in with 17 entries left when a monsoon came forcing TJ Pruitt to call the event. But I will be back in attendance at TJ’s next race in hopes of claiming another win.

Brody Quick Staging Lanes Photo

With the car performing well and a confidence boost I am looking forward to a very busy fall racing season with some unheard of payouts and hope to cash in.

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About the author: Brody Quick has been involved in drag racing his entire life. His first ride came at the age of 7 in a Jr. dragster. After a successful Jr. career, Brody took the wheel of “Butterbean”, his family’s ’67 Camaro. Aside from bracket racing in the Southeast, Brody operates the Next Gen Facebook page where details he and his friends racing adventures.

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