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This month’s Midwest Bracket Racing update is all about saying thank you! Ryan Fasano reminds us of everything we put our families through to chase our dreams. And to say thank you more often!

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It’s that time of year again, when racing is slowing down, holidays are ramping up and engines are getting freshened.  The purpose of this letter is not to talk racing or results, it’s to draw attention to the people who mean the most to the racers. 

The racing community as a majority is made up of families who are all passionate about racing.  Racing helps keep that bond strong throughout the years.  The racing community can provide an outlet for young individuals to spend time developing skills that can help them in all aspects of life. 

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It can help keep family members working towards one goal.  Racing can be the glue to keeping families together.  Working on cars, troubleshooting issues, constant improvement, focusing on maintenance, learning to deal with losing on a regular basis! 

These are all important skills that an individual can gain from racing.  The main lesson you learn is support and we need a ton of support to compete in the sport we love.    

Personally, I have raced for over 20 years now.  Although I am only 37 years old, I have seen my fair share in the racing community.  When I first started, I knew how much my parents did for me, however now being a parent myself I can really appreciate what they did for me.  The hard part about being a parent is not receiving the immediate thank you that you get at the time of the support. 

Unconditional Support

Midwest Bracket Racing thank you post

The hard part is realizing that it may never happen, you may never be thanked…  However, the reason behind you bending over backwards day in and day out is because more importantly than the thank you, is the love you have for your kids. 

Thank you, from a now matured child will never repay the days, nights and weekends you spent away from your own passion, but it may come close.  We cannot pay that time back, we cannot total up the money you spent on us. 

We can only realize what you have done for us, thank you for your hard work, your hard-earned money and your dedication to us while we chased our dreams of one day becoming the best racers we could be. 

While some family members and supporters don’t truly understand the passion nor the reasoning behind why we chase the points, why we travel all over to get our head kicked in repeatedly, why we knowingly enter a race where only one person is still standing at the end of the day, you still support us, regardless because you support the one’s you love. 

Thank You!

ryan fasano kids
Fasano Kids

I wanted to write a thank you for all the parents, wives, husbands, significant others, family members and friends that help us die-hard racers compete in a sport that is our passion in life.  We can never repay you for the times you sacrificed for us both past and future. 

So, thank you for all that you have done and will do.  Know that we appreciate it and will be forever grateful to have you in our lives. 

A special thank you goes out to my wife.  We have two young children that have grown up at the track.  For all the mothers who have taken care of a newborn at the track all while supporting their significant other, THANK YOU. 

All the parents who help their seemingly ungrateful children at the track, don’t worry, one day they will realize what you have done for them.  What you go through is more than we can understand, we don’t always show it, but we appreciate you. 

Ryan Fasano Family

About the Author: Ryan Fasano is a Division 3 bracket racer who competes weekly at Byron Dragway in Illinois. Competing in the Box class, Ryan captured the 2014 Track Championship at Byron. Like a true weekend warrior, he eats, breathes, and sleeps with bracket racing on his mind. Look for more Midwest Bracket Racing updates from Ryan on DragChamp. Click here to connect with Ryan on Facebook.

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