DragChamp Top 10 List – 11/27/19 Edition

The DragChamp Top 10 List returns with another great list of top performers in the world of big dollar bracket racing.

11/27/19 – The only weekly sportsman racing Top 10 List is back for another edition. With the NHRA season in the books, the Top 10 List moved to big dollar bracket racing this week.

Big events were going on all over the country including the Loose Rocker American Doorslammer Nationals, the SFG Big Fun Event, the King of the Coast in Gulfport, and the Dick Moroso Memorial at PBIR.

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The weekly DragChamp Top 10 List highlights the top performers in sportsman drag racing! We look for the best performers at events across the country and rank them each week.

Special thanks to DragChamp Nation and your help each week putting this list together. We couldn’t do it without the nominations submitted to our Facebook page.

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DragChamp Top 10 List – 10/16/19

1 – Curtis Zinzilieta

Curtis Zinzilieta picked up one of the largest paydays in West Coast bracket racing this season after winning the SFG Big Fun $50,000 race on Saturday.

Zinzilieta footbraked his way to the huge payday earning the No. 1 spot on the list along the way. In the last three rounds, Curtis took out Brad Pierce, Michael Pennington of the famed Pennington family, and Duston Wurtz.

2 – Jon Siegel

A week after parking the wheelie wagon in the one spot, Jon Siegel almost did it again! A week ago Jon won $25,000 at the Immokalee Winter Warmup.

One week later, Siegel found himself in another big money final taking runner-up honors to Donovan Williams at the Dick Moroso Memorial. Siegel also managed to win the Golf Cart race at PBIR!

DragChamp Top 10 List 11-20-19

3 – Jeff Taylor

Top Dragster competitor Jeff Taylor struck gold in Tucson after winning $50,000 at the SFG Big Fun Event in Tucson. Taylor defeated West Coast hitter Val Torres Jr. in the final round.

4 – Allen Wickell

Allen Wickell is fourth this week after wins on consecutive weekends at Gaylon Rolison’s King of the Coast bracket series in Gulfport. A week ago, Wickell took home the Sunday $10,000 at the Turkey Beach Bash.

Last weekend Wickell parked his dragster on the dance floor once again at Gulfport. This time he captured the $8,000 win at the BTE KOC Event #5.

5 – Chris Scarlata


Chris Scarlata collected a $20,000 payday at the Loose Rocker American Doorslammer Nationals at Piedmont Dragway. Scarlata took out Tim Thomas in the final to collect the combined Friday/Sunday purse.

In addition to his win, Scarlata and car owner Ben Haight were both double entered in the same car all the way to the semifinals. Tim Thomas dropped Haight to prevent the all-team final.

6 (tie) – Glenn Ferguson

2019 American Doorslammer Nationals Results

Former IHRA world champion Glenn Ferguson cashed for $20,000 at the American Doorslammer Nationals. Ferguson defeated Loose Rocker’s most prolific Top Bulb racer, Shawn Carpenter, in the final round.

6 (tie) – Tom Dauber

Tom Dauber

The Red Rocket wins again! New Jersey native Tom Dauber added another big dollar bracket race win to his resume. Competing at the Dick Moroso Memorial at PBIR, Dauber drove to the $20,000 win on Saturday!

7 – Chuck Hawk

DragChamp Top 10 List

Chuck Hawk flat out ruled the No-Box Shootouts at the SFG Big Fun Event in Tucson. There were two $5,000 No-Box Shootouts on Saturday and Hawk made the final round of both.

In Race #1 Hawk took the $5K win. A short while later, he would make his second final of the day finishing runner-up to Andy Schmall.

9 – Duston Wurtz

DragChamp Top 10 List

West Coast player Duston Wurtz came within .002 of winning $50,000 at the SFG Big Fun Event in Tucson. After a wildly successful 2019, Wurtz finished strong with a $50,000 runner-up after a -.002 red-light to Curtis Zinzilieta on Saturday.

Earlier in the year, Duston ran himself in a $20,000 final at the West Coast Classic.

10 – Andy Schmall

DragChamp Top 10 List

It seems anytime there’s a big money No-Box race on the West Coast, Andy Schmall finds his way to the winner’s circle. At the SFG Big Fun Event, this was no exception as Schmall captured the $5,000 No-Box Shootout #2 on Saturday evening. In doing so, Schmall prevented Chuck Hawk from running the table in the Shootouts!

Shout Outs

Just because they weren’t ranked, they still deserve some love for their amazing performances. Here’s a little something extra!

Donovan Williams, son of two-time Million Dollar Race winner Gary Williams, grabbed a $10K win on Sunday. Williams defeated Jon Siegel in the Dick Moroso Memorial race Sunday finale.

DragChamp Top 10 List
Donavan Williams

Hunter Patton, the Fall Fling 500 race winner, added to his wildly successful season with a $10K runner-up at Prescott Raceway. He carried two entries to six cars and took one to the final. His .012 dead two was no good as his opponent threw down .008 total in the other lane!

DragChamp Top 10 List
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