$10K Footbrake Fest Fills Staging Lanes at Greer Dragway

Footbrake racers fight for victory during the $10K Footbrake Fest in South Carolina. Norris and Dotson earn their way into the final round.

GREER, SC – A family owned and operated IHRA racetrack in the upstate of South Carolina, Greer Dragway, held one of the highest paying events in their history over the weekend. The $10K Footbrake Fest presented by S.H. Carter Development brought racers from multiple states to compete against local drivers, where the hometown heroes came out on top.

The main event was for true footbrake racing with delay boxes, electronics, and transbrakes prohibited. Junior Dragster drivers were also on site where they raced for a $250 top prize. The weather was nothing short of spectacular which helped to create an excellent day for racing rivalry.

staging lanes greer dragway
The final six cars discuss the purse during Greer Dragway’s $10K Footbrake Fest

Junior Dragster Results

Just because the Junior Dragster class contains the youngest racers doesn’t mean that the competition is any easier. The semifinal round was made of Gavin Travis, Rodney Hyatt, and Stephen Rodgers. Hyatt earned the bye run while Travis and Rodgers staged up to see who would move on to the final round. Rodgers was .002 green and runs dead on his dial-in, laying down a .0057 total package, while Travis turns it red.

Rodney Hyatt has had an impressive second season of racing and finds himself in another final round. Stephen Rodgers has been on a hot streak lately by winning three out of the last four events.

In Saturday’s final, Hyatt is behind at the starting line and breaks out trying to take the stripe. Rodgers picks up the win by being .016 on the tree and dead on his dial-in again, this time creating a .021 package to seal the deal.

stephen rodgers junior dragster winner greer dragway mike smart photo
Stephen Rodgers wins the Junior Dragster class
Photo credit: Mike Smart Photography
rodney hyatt junior dragster runner up greer dragway mike smart photo
Rodney Hyatt is the runner up in Junior Dragsters
Photo credit: Mike Smart Photography

And Then There Were Six

128 entries rolled through the stage beams during the first round for their chance at $10,000. Six rounds later there were only six drivers left in the running, five of those racing at Greer Dragway frequently during the regular points season.

The first pairing was between Jesse Hicks of Greer, SC and Tyler Mosley of Chesnee, SC. Hicks leaves first and turns on the red light, advancing Mosley who runs 5.88 on his 5.87 dial-in.

Billy Norris uses his reaction time advantage and one above pass to pick up the win over Jim Wood, who ran dead on his dial-in.

Chad Dotson leaves .008 and runs one above his dial in turning on the win light beside Darryl Powell, who was left mathematically ineligible with his .030 reaction time.

In the semifinals, Dotson earned the bye run courtesy of his previous reaction time and turns it red on the solo pass. Norris has the starting line advantage again and takes .006 at the finish line to advance into the final round. Mosley runs dead on with a nine to settle for the semifinal position.

tyler mosley semifinalist greer dragway
Tyler Mosley is the lone semifinalist

S.H. Carter Development $10K Main Event

The final round came down to two former IHRA World Champions and talented wheelmen, Billy Norris of Taylors, SC and Chad Dotson of Mill Spring, NC. Dotson claimed the Summit Super Series No Box World Championship in 2008 and has won six track championship titles at three different tracks, in two states.

Norris earned the 1989 Street World Championship that was contested at Bristol Dragway as well as four track championships at two different tracks. He also secured the Footbrake track championship this year at Greer Dragway, earning another chance to compete for a second World Championship.

In Saturday’s final round, Dotson dials a 6.40 and rolls his Chevy Nova in deep while Norris stages his Dodge Demon with a 7.39 dial-in. Dotson is uncharacteristically behind on the tree, drops to be two above, and has to settle for the runner up spot. Norris runs two above the dial and uses his .005 reaction time to leave Dotson mathematically ineligible, claiming the $10,000 win.

billy norris footbrake 10k winner greer dragway mike smart photo
Billy Norris wins S.H. Carter Development’s $10K Footbrake Fest
Photo credit: Mike Smart Photography
chad dotson footbrake 10k runner up greer dragwat
Chad “The Lizzard” Dotson is the runner up on Saturday

Although this may have been the largest purse for track operators, Mike Greer and Alisha Greer Alexander, it won’t be the last. The 2019 IHRA Division 9 Summit Team Finals winning track will continue to see big money bracket racing on the schedule for the 2021 season. Stay tuned to Greer Dragway’s Facebook page for more updates as they become available.

Thanks to Mike Smart Photography for the winner’s circle photos. Congratulations to all the finalists and kudos to the Greer Dragway staff for a smooth running event.

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

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