3rd Annual Numidia 350 Race Results

Tom Dauber cashed out a big $20,000 payday at the Numidia 350 over the weekend, defeating Kyle Cultrera in the final round.

Three full days of racing attracted racers from all over to travel to Numidia Dragway for their third annual Numidia 350 race.

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With multiple chances to find the winner’s circle, racers brought their A-game in hopes to cash in on a big payday. The 10-20-10 layout was quite popular, with two high roller $5k races also. 

Friday Results

Jesse Alberts

In the Friday $10k, Jesse Alberts was victorious as he defeated Kyle Cultrera in the final round. Alberts had the starting line advantage, .006 to .027, and ran one above his 6.43 dial-in to take the win from Cultrera.

Mark Kelley and Kevin Little were the semi-finalists.

Dustin Stockdale

Dustin Stockdale defeated Scott Albrecht in the $5k high roller shootout after his .035 package was too much for Albrecht to handle. Scott broke out by .008 thou.

Mark Kelley and Steve Sisko were the semi-finalists.

Saturday Results

Tom Dauber

Tom Dauber cashed in on the big $20,000 payday after defeating Kyle Cultrera in the final round. Cultrera turned it -.006 red, but Dauber was on his A-game with a .006 package.

Rick Bell and Sean Serra were the semi-finalists.

Jeff Serra

In the $5k high roller, Jeff Serra collected the win after defeating Mark Siegel in the final round. Siegel turned it red by -.014 handing the win over to Serra.

Brent Novitsky and Kevin Little were the semi-finalists.

Sunday Results

Mark Dennebaum

Mark Dennebaum took home the last win of the weekend after defeating Rick Bell in the $10k final round. Dennebaum was .007 and went one above his 7.38 dial-in to take the big check.

Frank Mark Sr. and Sean Serra were the semi-finalists.

Congrats to all the winners! Read more bracket racing news here.

Megan Strassweg

About the author: Megan Strassweg is a 22 year old Super Comp racer from Louisville, Kentucky. She races a 2015 American Dragster sponsored by Coolshirt Systems. She graduated from Western Kentucky University in May of 2020 with a degree in Photojournalism and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Megan works at Jim Butner Auto in the Finance Department. Growing up at the racetrack, drag racing is all she has known and never plans to give up on it. 

You can reach Megan on Facebook or email at megan@dragchamp.com

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