CP Racing Series Announces 2020 Points Fund

CP Racing Promotions Releases Points Fund For 2020 Series

​Cody Pollage “CP” with CP Racing Promotions is excited to release their points fund information for the upcoming 2020 race season. This is a very rewarding, intriguing, and a great deal for the racers.

“I’ve been looking for a way to give back to the racers, as a Thank You For Coming, and I think adding a points fund is a great start.” Pollage said. “I have always appreciated my customers, and this is just one way in 2020 to show my appreciation.”

2020 CP Racing Promotions Points Fund

​What are they doing? For each of the eight races on the schedule, they will be adding money to the points fund, based on car count. For Box, $5 of each tech card, up to 200, will be added to the points fund.

They will also do the same for No Box, up to 100 tech cards. There are currently seven No Box races scheduled, with Monroe being a Box only race.

CP Racing 2020 Points Series

Payout for each class at the end of the year will be the following:
1st Place – 50 percent of points fund, and Gold card for the 2021 season
2nd Place – 30 percent of points fund
3rd Place – 10 percent of points of fund
4th Place – 5 percent of points fund
5th Place – 5 percent of points fund
6th – 8th Place – Box will receive $100 tab at the race of your choice, while No Box will receive a $50 tab at the race of your choice
9th-10th place – Box will receive a $50 tab at the race of your choice, while No Box will receive a $25 tab at the race of your choice.

It’s FREE!

​The best part is that the points program is completely FREE to the racers. All you have to do is show up. Once a racer is staged first round, they will automatically go into the points program.

You will earn a point for staging first round, and one point for each round won. If you have to buyback, you will not be allowed to earn points on that entry for the remainder of the day.

If you are the lotto ticket winner, you will also not be allowed to earn points on that entry the rest of the day. All races will count, there will be no “dropped” races. The only day that will not count for points, is the Thursday, of the Texas Two Step, March 11-15, 2020 at the Texas Motorplex.

Racers, that are doubled, you will be allowed to earn points on each entry, but they will be separate. We will be using the Saturday tech card count, as the number to decide, what amount of dollars goes into the points fund.

2020 CP Racing Promotion Schedule:

Feb 7-9 – No Problem Raceway
March 11-15 – Texas Motorplex
May 15-17 – Twin City Raceway
June 11-14 – Texas Motorplex
July 16-18 – Texas Motorplex
Sept 4-6 – Texas Motorplex
Oct 9-11 – Pine Valley Raceway
Nov 13-15 – Texas Motorplex

2020 Southern Big Buck Nationals Race Flyer

As always, with any questions, you may have, you can contact Cody Pollage through text/cell, at 225-776-6818, or by email at cp4114@yahoo.com

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