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DragChamp Racer Spotlight with Lil Phil Combs

He may be called “Lil” but this racer is not one to be underestimated. No matter where he shows up or what class he runs in, one thing is for sure: Lil Phil Combs won’t be an easy run.

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DEMOSSVILLE, KY – Kentucky young gun Lil Phil Combs has a family tree full of drag racing roots. He spends his weekends learning from his heavy hitter father, battling in the finals alongside his uncle, and trying to get the win light against his deadly younger brother.

Lil Phil started racing in the junior dragster division when he was eight years old. At fifteen, he shifted his focus to building his current race car: an 82 Chevrolet S-10 that is nicknamed Ronald. It began as a factory truck but with help from his Mom, Dad, brother, and a few family friends, now Ronald is equipped with a 383 small block Chevy motor and runs 6.40s.

Phil works full time as an apprentice lineman for Epp-Lectric, Monday through Thursday. On the weekends, you’ll find him competing in top and bottom bulb events anywhere from his local track, Thornhill Dragstrip, to big money bracket races. When asked who has the biggest impact on his racing, Phil says, “No doubt, my Dad. He pushes me to do better every single time I go down the racetrack.”  

Find out more about past DragChamp Top Ten Lister Lil Phil Combs in the following Q&A.

phil and lil phil combs winners circle
Father and Son winner’s circle celebration

Please list your major racing accomplishments.

Every race I have ever won or got runner up in is an accomplishment in my book.

What’s on your bucket list? Any future goals you’d like to achieve?

I would love to win as many races as my Dad has in his career. I would one day hope to show the old man up!

What is your favorite race car, and why?

I love a truck, they are easy to see out of and fun to do wheelies in!

lil phil combs at london dragway
Lil Phil’s S-10 “Ronald”

What’s the hardest part of drag racing?

Staying focused and doing your job.

What’s your most embarrassing moment in a race car?

i put my motor in one morning and went to the hill that night, made my time runs and everything was fine. But first round my exhaust fell off going down the track…

Do you love to win or hate to lose?

I have no intentions on losing when I roll into the waterbox.

Who do you hate to see in the other lane, and why?

My little brother, Zach. Anything competitive- the boy owns me.

lil phil and zach combs winners circle london dragway
Phil and his younger brother, Zach

Are you superstitious?

Dad says that stuff doesn’t work. But if you ask my grandparents, they will tell you to move out of the spot where they have been watching all night.

Are you better at the starting line or finish line?

Depends on the day, but I enjoy giving the business to someone!

What are you saying to yourself just before staging the car?

I don’t say much to myself in the race car. I just try not to think about what I have to do.

What motivates you to keep racing?

Trying to be as good as my Dad is.

lil phil and phil combs winners circle kil-kare
Lil Phil and Phil Combs

If money were no object, what would your racing operation look like?

I would be rolling with the two car trailer behind the motorhome to every big money race there is.

What are you really good at?

Getting my Dad fired up about something.

Name one thing that most people don’t know about you.

I don’t go anywhere by myself.

Where do you spend the most time on the internet?

Looking for the next race that I’m going to attend.

thornhill dragway winners circle lil phil combs
Ronald looked a bit different when Phil first started racing it

What is your favorite sport? Favorite team?

I love me some college basketball. BBN!

What is your daily driver?

I drive a 2003 Chevy Duramax rolling on some 20″ wheels.

What’s your favorite thing to eat?

Can’t beat a fried bologna sandwich.

lil phil combs muncie dragway winners circle
Lil Phil has picked up wins at multiple different tracks

Who would you like to thank? Who helps you the most?

I couldn’t thank my Mom and Dad enough for everything they do, as well as all my close friends that I call family! I can’t forget my little brother Zach – he always helps me even when he doesn’t want to.

Lil Phil doesn’t have a Facebook, but his father Phil makes sure to show how proud he is of both his sons on his page. You can catch up with Lil Phil by asking to follow him on Instagram @combs300x.


Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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