Fall Fling GALOT Saturday Results

Two rounds of the combined Friday/Saturday $125K race were contested on Saturday at the Fall Fling GALOT. The reaction time challenge and Brodix Run for the $50,000 were also completed.

After Friday’s complete washout thanks to Mother Nature, Saturday morning opened with more of the same. Once the rain subsided, GALOT Motorsports track personnel had all hands on deck for the drying procedures.

With two races still scheduled to be completed with only two days to do so, even though Sunday was scheduled as a travel day, Fling officials had to make some tough decisions.

It was decided to combine ATI Performance Friday and JEGS Saturday into one race. The $100,000 Friday and $25,000 Saturday winner’s share were combined, which included combining the entire purse, along with doubling up of the round prizes. There also remained quite a bit of prizes left in the Prize Vault which was randomly distributed throughout the day.

Practice Makes Perfect…and Pays Big

With the amount of rain which fell on the facility, naturally things took a little longer than what was expected. A 12:30 start was thought to be safe, but the actual time turned out to be 3:00, with first up the Reaction Time Challenge.

Randomly chosen 25 drivers were given a “hit” on the ‘Tree. Any .00X RT earned the driver $100 cash. A perfect .000 was worth a cool grand, $1,000 cash.

Only one driver scored the perfect run, Tonya Pruett, and she was given one more shot at the ‘Tree. Another perfect light would have earned her $10,000. She came oh so close with a .003, but walked away with the grand nonetheless.

A.J. Ashe, Ken Batchelor, Noah Carpenter, Larry Chapman, Matt Dadas, Marshall Grooms, Lauren Freer, Jamie Holston, and Wade White each earned themselves $100.

tonya pruett $1000 during reaction time challenge
Tonya Pruett picks up $1,000 for her perfect light during the Reaction Time Challenge

Starting the Combined $125K to Win Event

Final eliminations began at 3:30 with the plan to run as many rounds as possible up until the curfew, followed by the balance to be completed on Sunday. As ironic as this year as been in all instances, as the first set of cars sat in the water box while the greatest song in the United States played, the Star Spangled Banner, the Sun broke through the clouds and it was race time.

The Sun didn’t last long but racing continued until the completion of the second round. As it was getting closer to the impending curfew, there wouldn’t have been enough time to complete another complete round. The decision was made to halt racing for the night. The ATI/JEGS combined Friday and Saturday Fall Fling race will be completed starting at 9:00 in the morning with 128 cars remaining.

final round brodix 50k shootout joel maddox and chuck oneill
Chuck O’Neil and Joel Maddox face each other in the Brodix Run For The $50,000

Two Drivers Compete for a Chance at $50K

At the end of the second round with time still left before the curfew, the Brodix Run For the $50,000 was contested between the best package dragster and door car over the first days of racing.

A perfect run (.000 reaction time plus a dead-on the dial with a “0”) would earn either driver $50,000 in a one run for the money match. Regardless, a winning run would earn that driver a set of Brodix SR20 cylinder heads.

Ironically, both Chuck O’Neil (door car) and Joel Maddox (dragster) qualified for the run-off by posting a perfect run. It was O’Neil’s first trip to a Fling event and he was trying to make the best of it. Unfortunately, he turned on the red-light on the run-off to hand the cylinder heads to Maddox.

joel maddox winner circle brodix $50k shootout
Joel Maddox adds to his prizes by winning a set of Brodix SR20 cylinder heads
Joel Maddox earned a Riggeal’s Fiberglass Dragster Scoop earlier in the week

MotorManiaTV will continue to live stream the action on Sunday to completion thanks to sponsorship from Hoosier Tires and JEGS. For all info and results, visit the Fling website by clicking here.

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