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Halloween Havoc at GALOT Draws Scary Crowd

The Halloween Havoc at GALOT had Top ET, Footbrake, and Junior Dragster drivers picking up treats, not tricks, over the holiday weekend.

Feature photo credit: Joshua Keith Hodges’ Facebook page

DUNN, NC – The Halloween Havoc at GALOT Motorsports Park ends their 2020 racing season with big money bracket racing. The two day race features classes for Top ET, Footbrake, and Junior Dragster drivers as well as Halloween festivities. Dynamite Trailers sponsored a trailer decorating contest as well as adult and child costume contests.

Racers were competing for $10,000 to win each day in Top ET, $3,000 to win in Footbrake, and $500 to win in the Junior Dragster class. Friday featured a test-and-tune session, the S&S Backhoe Junior Dragster Shootout, and the Points Series Bonus race.

tshirt design Halloween havoc at GALOT
Halloween Havoc at GALOT event t-shirt

Friday Bonus Race Results

A special bonus race was contested on Friday evening for any Top ET or Footbrake racer who was entered in the 2020 GALOT Points Series. Bottom and top bulb racers would compete separately until the winner in each class would face each other for the $5, 000 prize.

The Footbrake final would come down to Jaymes Rawlings and the 2020 Footbrake Champion Jamey Caudill. Caudill used an .023 reaction time to take the win over Rawlings. In Top ET, Carey Long and Eric Aman stage up to see who would advance. Aman has the reaction time advantage, but Long picks up the win during the double breakout race.

During the top versus bottom final round duel for $5K, Jamey Caudill turns on the red light and Carey Long picks up the cash.

Carey Long Friday bonus race winner GALOT Halloween havoc
Carey Long wins $5K during Friday’s bonus race

Friday Junior Dragster Shootout Results

S&S Backhoe sponsored a Junior Dragster Shootout on Friday that was open to GALOT Points Series members. The talented racer who drives into the winner’s circle will leave with $1,000. L.J. Wood graciously donated $200 to the purse as well.

The semifinal round would consist of Cale Pittman, Jayden Lawler, Blake Toler, and Thomas Davis. Pittman and Lawler both turn on the dreaded red bulb, and Lawler advances into the finals. Davis had the starting line advantage and picks up the win beside Toler’s breakout pass.

In the finals, it would be a battle between the 2020 Junior Dragster Champion Jayden Lawler and Thomas Davis, who finished second in points. Lawler runs .011 under the dial in as Davis uses his reaction time advantage and two above pass to pick up $1,200.

Thomas Davis Friday junior dragster bonus race winner Halloween havoc at GALOT
Thomas Davis wins the S&S Backhoe Junior Dragster Shootout

Big Crowds, Bigger Money, and a Schedule Change

After the time trial, over 480 entries made their way down the track during round one of eliminations on Saturday. Two rounds of competition, as well as the buyback round, were completed before the cooling temperatures put racing on pause.

Saturday evening everyone was able to participate in trick or treating, adult and child costume contests, and the best decorated trailer contest sponsored by Dynamite Trailers.

Rainy weather stayed in the area until approximately 1PM on Sunday, forcing the cancellation of Sunday’s event. Once track drying was complete, Saturday’s race kicked off with third round of competition.

Everyone had the Halloween spirit
Photo credit: Amy Carol’s Facebook page

Top ET Results

282 Top ET drivers made the call for first round of competition. As the end of another cool fall day was approaching, and temperatures dropping, the remaining eight drivers decided to “split and quit.”

Those winning drivers were 2020 Top ET Champion Jordan Wike, Cameron Manuel, Tucker Creech, Shane Griekspoor, Cody Strickland, Jamie Holston, and two entries for Larry Chapman.

tucker creech top et halloween havoc at galot
Tucker Creech earns the Top ET big check courtesy of a drawing between the remaining eight drivers

Footbrake Results

In the first half of the semifinal, Mark Bridgers leaves .015 too soon to advance Scott Miles. Tyler Sears is .004 red to send his father, David Sears, into the $3,000 money round.

Another red light settles the race on the starting line and David Sears takes the win over Scott Miles.

david sears footbrake winner halloween havoc at galot
Davis Sears defeats his son, Tyler, in the semifinals and wins Footbrake during the Halloween Havoc at GALOT

Junior Dragster Results

Three ladies were left to battle in the Junior Dragster ranks at the end of the night. Quinn Gardner earned the solo pass into the final round, courtesy of the best previous reaction time.

Casey Wagner and Makenna Antinori stage up to see who would join her. Wagner uses a decent reaction time advantage to end Antinori’s night, who broke out trying to take the finish line.

Casey Wagner uses another reaction time advantage to pick up the win over Quinn Gardner. It’s also worth mentioning that this was Casey’s final race in junior dragsters as she is aging out of competition.

casey wagner junior dragster halloween havoc at galot winner
Casey Wagner ends her junior dragster career on a high note, with a win during the Halloween Havoc at GALOT

Looking Ahead to 2021

Elimination rounds are over for 2020 with the conclusion of the Halloween Havoc at GALOT. They will continue their Thursday test-and-tune sessions until November 19th.

GALOT Motorsports Park track staff and owners are looking forward to a successful 2021 season. They have already announced next year’s schedule which kicks off with their Summit ET Bracket Series February 27-28. Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel of The Fling brand will return for the K&N Spring Fling April 27-May 1.

Big money bracket racing is far from over! Check out DragChamp previews for upcoming events like the American Doorslammer Nationals, the Texas Turkey Hunt, and the Fall Footbrake Frenzy XII.


Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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