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Jackson Henderson | January Car of the Month

21 year old Jackson Henderson and his wheel-standing 1972 Nova win the DragChamp January Car of the Month Title.

January is an exciting month for racers as we ring in the new year, we are just that much closer to race season getting underway. Here at DragChamp we are equally excited for the 2020 race season to get under way and we wanted to start this year with a new twist on one of our contests.

For the January Car of the Month contest we asked our followers to nominate race cars with a “Wheel’s Up” photo. We received over 200 nominations from across the country with wheel-standing doors cars as well as dragsters. After two rounds of voting, 21 year old Jackson Henderson won the first Car of the Month contest for 2020 in his wheel-standing 1972 Chevy Nova.

Jackson Henderson was born into a family that had a love for the sport of drag racing. He was behind the wheel of his first race car when he competed in Jr. Dragsters at the age of seven. Before he was old enough to race the Chevy Nova, his father raced the car for many years until he retired in 2008. His father put away the car and after a few upgrades Henderson was given the car on his 16th birthday.

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He then followed the heads up series and began running the 7.0 Index class, and then eventually moved up to the 6.0 Index class. During this past year he tried out bracket racing and made a few appearances in the no box/footbrake class.

Jackson Henderson 72 Nova
Jackson Henderson Nova

Henderson and his Nova have been to numerous final rounds and has won three races. After making it to the finals and earning a runner-up finish at “No Mercy 9”, Henderson was able to park his Nova in the winners circle at “No Mercy 10”.

After collecting more than 400 votes, Henderson and his Chevy Nova were named January’s Car of the Month.

On tap for the February Car of the Month contest, we will be taking nominations for best race car transformation. Nominations should include before and after pictures of your car. DragChamp Nation will determine the best transformation and the winner of the February Car of the Month contest. Nominations will begin Saturday February 1st.

Paige Hamlin South Central Drag Racing

About the Author: Paige Hamlin is the founder of South Central Drag Racing and Big Check Bracket Racing. Through her sites, Paige works to promote big money drag racing events. In addition to her media endeavors, Paige enjoys footbrake racing in her S-10 pickup.

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