Let Go .000 Showdown Results

Jim Feaster’s Let Go .000 Showdown was once again a huge hit in Northfield, Ohio. Nick Hastings nearly swept the event with a runner-up and two semifinal finishes.

January… The month of practice tree races. What else is there to do in the winter time? Let go of a button, of course!

The second annual Let Go .000 Showdown put on by Jim Feaster brought Ohio locals and some out-of-towners. With over 400 entries all together, racers had multiple chances to let go of the button and get some early practice in for the 2020 season.

All proceeds from the event were donated to the Children’s Tumor Foundation. Jim and his wife, Megan, have a daughter with a neurological disorder called neurofibromatosis, so the foundation is very near to their hearts.

Pro Tree Shootout

The Pro Tree Shootout was a little something put together during time trials. With twelve entries, Jordan Freshour took home the win and Alex Miller settled for the runner-up finish.

Winner Jordan Freshour

Vickers Performance Bottom Bulb

The first event of the night was the Vickers Performance Transmissions Bottom Bulb Eliminator. With 180 entires, the three remaining in the semifinals were CJ Yaeger, Charlie Moore Jr, and TJ Jordan.

Jordan bowed out in the semifinals, leaving Yaeger and Moore Jr to battle for the win. The boys split the purse at $800 and $700 with Ohio local CJ Yaeger coming out on top.

Bottom Bulb winner CJ Yaeger and runner-up Charlie Moore Jr

Jim Feaster Racing Top Bulb

The Top Bulb Eliminator event brought 192 racers ready to give their A-game for a chance at $4,000. The final three racers remaining were, to no surprised, Justin “Skirt” Vickers and “Nasty” Nick Hastings with two entires.

The boys had multiple splits considering Hastings had two entries, but at the end they split at $2,700 and $2,600. Skirt came out on top, giving Nasty Nick the runner-up finish along with a semifinal.

Skirt and Nasty Nick
Winner Justin Vickers and Runner-Up Nick Hastings

SFG Million Shootout

The 64-entry SFG Million Shootout gave an entry away to the infamous SFG Million event for 2020. Last year, Bob Tengler walked away with the entry. This year, he did it again!

The final four remaining were Bob Tengler, Dan Pepper, Nick Hastings, and David Davis. “Nasty” Nick and David Davis bowed out in the semifinals. Bob Tengler came out of top for the second year in a row, leaving Dan Pepper with the runner-up finish.

The second annual Let Go .000 Showdown was a huge hit and the crew is already planning for the next event! Keep a lookout on the Facebook page for info on next year!

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Megan Strassweg

Megan Bohannon is a 25 year old Super Comp racer from Louisville, Kentucky. She races a 2015 American Dragster with a 648 Oakley Motorsports Engine. Growing up at the racetrack, drag racing is all she has known and never plans to give up on it. Megan works with TB Promotions in promoting their races and keeping entries straight, as well as keeping their social media pages updated.

You can reach Megan on Facebook or email at megan@dragchamp.com

You can reach Megan on Facebook or email at megan@dragchamp.com

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