Max Bet Pays Off at Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot

Wells Racing Promotion’s first event, the Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot, finds success at Cedar Falls. Three drivers cashed in for $7K but no matter where you looked, everyone was having a great time.

CEDAR FALLS, IA – Iowa native and drag racer Dustin Wells has added another title to his resume – big money bracket racing promoter. He has created a three day, half dragster and half door car event for $7,000 to win each day. The Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot was contested at Cedar Falls Motorsports Park Aug. 14-16 and if you weren’t there, you missed out!

The event was capped at 250 entries with 125 door cars and 125 dragsters. Up to 32 No Box cars were able to get into the mix as well, with the winner advancing into the next round of door cars. Friday and Saturday there was $1,000 up for grabs in the run for the money and each day had best losing package round prizes. Wells and his team really thought of everything for their first big money bracket event.

triple 777 bracket jackpot trophy
Each main event winner left with $7,000 and a cool trophy

Dale’s A-1 Transmission Friday Results

No Box

Zach Halverson and Jace Deering battled off the bottom to see who would move on to the next round of box door cars. Halverson pulled off a double win last weekend at Eddyville Raceway Park, earning a spot in the DragChamp Top Ten List. Deering is no stranger to going rounds either and recently grabbed a runner up finish at Cordova International Raceway.

Deering has a four thou advantage with his .014 light, but it’s Halverson’s dead on six pass to pick up the win by five thousandths. Halverson would move on to the semifinals of the door car side, where a red light ends his chances for the big check.

zach halverson no box winner friday (abigail h design photo)
Zach Halverson is Friday’s No Box winner
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
jace deering no box runner up friday (abigail h design)
Jace Deering, No Box runner up Friday
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Box Door Cars

It was an all Chevrolet match up in the finals of door cars on Friday. Jeremy Bousman staged his S-10 beside John Davis, Jr in a Camaro to see who would move on to face a dragster for $7k. Davis had the reaction time advantage and ran closer to the dial, leaving Bousman mathematically ineligible.

john davis friday door car winner
John Davis picks up the win in door cars on Friday
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
jeremy bousman friday door car runner up (abigail h design)
Jeremy Bousman, Friday door car runner up
Photo credit: Abigail H Design


On the dragster side, Matt Clark and Wisconsin native Derek Degnitz are paired up to see who will move on to the final run off. Clark’s .037 reaction time was not enough beside Degnitz who is .023 and dead six to turn on the win light.

derek degnitz abigail h design photo
Derek Degnitz wins the dragster portion
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
matt clark abigail h design photo
Matt Clark is runner up on the dragster side
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Friday’s $7K Runoff

The final pairing for the first $7,000 payday of the weekend was dragster driver Derek Degnitz against door car driver John Davis in the Camaro. Davis has the starting line advantage with an .011, but Degnitz runs dead on with a nine to push Davis under the dial. Derek Degnitz takes his dragster to the first Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot winner’s circle.

derek degnitz friday winner
Derek Degnitz wins the first $7K payday of the weekend
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
friday door car winner john davis
John Davis is runner up in the $7K
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

GallStar TV Saturday Results

No Box

Saturday’s No Box final round pairing was an all Chevrolet battle between Shane Boney in his S-10 and Shawn Praska in his Camaro. Praska is in control when he’s .011 to Boney’s .021 bulb, but the double breakout win goes to Boney. Boney was .007 under the dial next to Praska’s .009 under pass.

shane boney s10 (abigail h design photo)
Shane Boney wins No Box on Saturday
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
shawn praska (abigail h design)
Shawn Praska was runner up in No Box
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Box Door Cars

The semifinal on the box door car side was a dual Chevy Vega clash between Steve Stockton and Johnny DiPiazza to see who would face No Box Boney. DiPiazza ran .002 under his dial in to pick up the win over Stockton’s .003 breakout.

DiPiazza runs .003 under trying to take the stripe, but he was mathematically ineligible beside Boney. Boney would move on to face a dragster with $7,000 up for grabs.

shane boney s10 abigail h design photo
Shane Boney advances into the $7K final round
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
john dipiazza (abigail h design)
John DiPiazza is runner up on the door car side
Photo credit: Abigail H Design


The dragster final pairing was Minnesota racer Ben Haugen versus Kansas native Landon Stallbaumer. Haugen is .015 and .016 above the dial in to leave Stallbaumer mathematically ineligible, and he runs .011 under the dial trying to get there. Haugen and the Racecraft shorty dragster would move on for a chance at the big check.

Ben Haugen wins the dragster side
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
landon stallbaumer dragster (abigail h design photo)
Landon Stallbaumer, dragster runner up on Saturday
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Saturday $7K Runoff

No Box racer Shane Boney dialed in at a 5.85 against Shorty dragster driver Ben Haugen’s 4.64 dial. Boney runs dead on with a four, getting to the stripe by .009 beside Haugen’s .024 above pass. Boney takes the $7K win for the no box and door car drivers.

shane boney saturday winner
Shane Boney cashes in for $7K off the bottom
ben haugen saturday runner up
Ben Haugen grabs runner up in the shorty
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Trailer Toad Sunday Results

No Box

Shane Boney would return to the finals of No Box this time staging up next to Tony Leonard from Minnesota. In the closest race of the weekend, Leonard lets go .030 and runs dead eight for an .038 total package. Boney leaves .026 and runs .012 above to also be .038 total. The trip zip margin of victory leaves a win light shining in Shane Boney’s lane.

saturday no box final round shane boney vs tony leonard
Sunday’s No Box final pair, Tony Leonard and Shane Boney

Box Door Cars

Illinois racer Grant Zimmerman would take on the Corvette roadster driven by John Freeborn. Freeborn would take out Zimmerman in the Mustang, to face the No Box winner, Shane Boney.

Freeborn makes a nice lap when he’s .019 and dead on with a one, but Boney is .010 take .010 to be dead zero for the win. Boney advances to his second consecutive $7K final of the weekend.

box door car final saturday john freeborn vs grant zimmerman
Grant Zimmerman vs John Freeborn on Sunday’s box door car match up


Andy Nicholson and Tucker Kanselaar are the last dragsters standing in the chase for $7K. Only one thou separates the reaction time but Nicholson runs dead on with a two to be .015 total. Kanselaar is .013 above the dial to be .010 behind at the stripe.

Nicholson moves on to face No Box wheelman Shane Boney.

tucker kanselaar vs andy nicholson
Tucker Kanselaar vs Andy Nicholson in the dragster final

Sunday $7K Runoff

Shane Boney repeats his performance from Saturday by picking up not only the No Box win, but taking out the delay box door cars to earn a spot in Sunday’s final round. Andy Nicholson drove through the dragster field to stage up one last time to fight for the final $7,000 prize.

Boney lets go .004 too soon off the bottom ending his impressive run during the Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot. Nicholson leaves .010 green and coasts into the winner’s circle to pick up the big check.

andy nicholson sunday winner
Andy Nicholson earns $7K at the Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
shane boney sunday runner up
A stellar weekend for Shane Boney as he claims Sunday’s runner up spot
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Unlucky Racers Double Down For One More Chance

In an effort to heal some big money bracket racing wounds, Digital Delay presents the 0-2 BBQ race. Any driver who lost first round and then bought back only to lose again in the re-entry round had another chance at redemption.

16 of these hard luck racers were randomly selected to compete in the 0-2 BBQ Race, free of charge. The winner received $1,000 to ease the pain of missing out on the main event big checks.

The final round match up was between Glen Dilday’s blower motor dragster and Bobbi Marquis’ all white rail. Dilday was ripping on the top end, but Marquis runs dead on with a four to pick up the cash. Bobbi’s zero to hero accomplishment also marks her first win in this dragster.

free entry race winner bobbi marquis
Bobbi Marquis grabs $1,000 in the 0-2 BBQ Free Entry race
Photo credit: Abigail H Design
glen dilday (abigail h design photo)
Glen Dilday is runner up in the 0-2 BBQ Race
Photo credit: Abigail H Design

Words from Wells Racing Promotions

DragChamp had a chance to catch up with promoter, Dustin Wells, to hear his thoughts on the Triple 777 Bracket Jackpot. He told us, “First off I have to thank all the racers that came out in support of this race and for all of the feedback I’ve received. There is a lot that I will take from this first race and improve as much as I can, to give the racers the best experience possible!”

He acknowledges the backing of his first-class sponsors Long Motorsports, Dale’s A-1 Transmissions, GallStar TV, Digital Delay, Trailer Toad, Speicher Excavating, Flaherty’s, Ollinger Garage Doors, and TPR. Wells would also like to thank the Cedar Falls Motorsports Park staff, Tyler Risse, Jok Nicholson, Thomas Gall, and Devon Long for all of their help. Of course, he couldn’t have done this without the support from his wife, Dad, Mom, mother-in-law, and brother.

This may have been Wells’ first event, but it definitely won’t be the last. He has big plans for 2021 including a Triple 777 points series that will include three weekends at three different facilities, for a total of nine races, with each race paying $7,000 to win. Oh, and Dustin mentioned his high hopes for the points championship payout… and trust me, you’ll want to be “all in” for that jackpot!

A huge thank you goes out to Abigail H Design for providing nearly all of the fantastic photos above!

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Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

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