Murray and Renninger Win Big During Door Wars

The 4th Annual Door Wars: A Footbrake Experience fills staging lanes as well as racer’s pockets at Maple Grove Raceway.

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MOHNTON, PA – Pep Boys Speed Shop Door Wars: A Footbrake Experience returned for the fourth year at Maple Grove Raceway. FRBR Promotions creators, Andy Anderson and Shane Sweigart, welcomed an impressive number of entries each day.

Door Wars is a three day event where Footbrake racers have their shot at big payouts. Friday and Sunday were $10,000 to win races, while Saturday’s champion would take home a $20,000 grand prize. MotormaniaTV was also on the scene providing a live stream of all the racing action.

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Friday’s Gamblers Race

152 entries rolled through the stage beams in Friday night’s gamblers race which was advertised as $2,000 to win. FRBR Promotions decided to give back to the racers who support them by adding over $2,000 in prize money, including upping the winner’s check to $3K and paying racers starting with a third round win. These guys are really living up to their For Racers By Racers namesake.

The final round came down to New Jersey racer Jason Lawrence against Justin Bruso from Massachusetts. Bruso had the advantage with his .004 light but breaks out at the finish line. Lawrence runs dead on his 5.73 dial in putting together a .021 package for the win.

jason lawrence friday gamblers winner door wars maple grove raceway
Jason Lawrence is the Friday Gamblers Race winner
Photo credit: Holloway Photography, BME Photography
justin bruso friday gamblers race runner up door wars
Justin Bruso is runner up in Friday’s gamblers race

Roadrunner Race Fuels Friday $10K

302 entries created a nine round battle off the bottom bulb for Friday’s $10,000 top prize. The semifinal round was made of two Pennsylvania drivers, Denny Renninger and Brad Northrop, New Jersey’s David Harvey Jr, and Jamey Horton from New York.

Harvey turns it .011 red to advance Renninger who was .014 on the tree and two above his dial. Both Northrop and Horton leave the starting line too quick but courtesy of TruStart, Horton’s .003 red is enough to move on beside Northrop’s .008 red light.

Denny Renninger would stage his 84 Oldsmobile beside Jamey Horton’s 66 Tempest in an all GM match up with $10K up for grabs. Horton is dead on his 6.60 dial in but Renninger uses an .018 reaction time and one above run to roll into the winner’s circle.

denny renninger friday 10k winner door wars maple grove raceway
Denny Renninger wins $10,000 on Friday
Photo credit: Holloway Photography, BME Photography
Jamey Horton is Friday’s $10K runner up

C2 Competition Converters $20K Saturday

An impressive 345 entries raced down the eighth mile on Saturday with hopes of claiming $20,000. Round eight had four drivers remaining: Virginia racer Seth Phillips, Maryland’s Gary Simpers, New Hampshire wheelman Cam Murray and Pennsylvania’s Brock Moshier.

Simpers turns on the red light by one thousandth to send Moshier into the final round with his .017 green light. Murray and Phillips left the starting line with identical .021 reaction times and Murray runs dead on with an eight to pick up the win.

In the finals, Brock Moshier is .001 red and Cam Murray picks up the win as he runs dead on his 6.96 dial in again. Murray made headlines earlier this season when he was runner up during the World Footbrake Challenge in Bristol, TN.

cam murray saturday 20k winner door wars maple grove raceway
Cam Murray earns $20,000 on Saturday
Photo credit: Holloway Photography, BME Photography
Brock Moshier is Saturday’s $20k runner up

Reaction Time Challenge

After the conclusion of Saturday’s main event, 20 drivers were randomly selected to compete in the Reaction Time Challenge. Rob Schneider was the wild card entry since he earned the “Best in Show” title at last year’s event.

Each driver who left the starting line with a .00x reaction time would earn $100 cash while the first driver to have a perfect (.000) reaction time would leave with $1,000.

Drivers are encouraged to be showstoppers during this race with big burnouts, back up “girls,” dry hops, costumes… really anything they can think of. Everyone enjoys watching the antics and cheering on the drivers, but most are eagerly awaiting their chance to participate.

Rob Snyder was very entertaining once again as well as being .006 to pick up $100. Jason McCandless and Robert Smith earned $100 as well for their .008 and .000 reaction times, respectively. Joe Theodore earned $1,000 when he was the first driver with a perfect light during the Reaction Time Challenge.

reaction time challenge winners door wars maple grove raceway
Robert Smith, Rob S, Jason McCandless, and Joe Theodore won during the Reaction Time Challenge
Photo credit: Holloway Photography, BME Photography

Nitro Fish $10K Sunday

Sunday’s race had 307 entries eager for an opportunity to earn $10,000. The staff battled rain delays off and on as well as an unfortunate racing accident which caused the event to be over at the completion of second round. All winning drivers split the payout and saved their racing for another day. We would also like to acknowledge that the driver involved in the racing incident is expected to make a full recovery.

door wars weather delay sunday maple grove raceway
Sunday’s event was over after the completion of second round

Final Thoughts from FRBR Promotions

Andy Anderson and Shane Sweigart told DragChamp, “We are so grateful for the support the Footbrake community has shown us. The best compliment we have received is that they had a blast regardless of turning on win lights. So few can park it on the dance floor, but everyone can have an experience that is worth their investment. That has always been the goal and to have over 300 [entries] come to enjoy a weekend with us is just amazing.”

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A special thanks to the following sponsors:

  • Pep Boys Speed Shop
  • Competitive Suspension Solutions
  • Roadrunner Race Fuels
  • C2 Competition Converters
  • Nitro Fish
  • VP Racing Fuels
  • May Race Carbs
  • Johnny’s Fabworx
  • Mid-Town Tire & Automotive
  • ISC Racers Tape
  • Driven Racing Oil
  • K+R Performance Engineering
  • Independent Chassis
  • S&W Performance Group
  • Safeco Insurance
  • MotorManiaTV

FRBR Promotions is looking forward to 2021 at Maple Grove Raceway. The second annual Independence Showdown will feature an increased purse. The 5th Annual Door Wars: A Footbrake Experience will also be back with their popular $10K-$20K-$20K format.

You can check out the results from FRBR Promotions’ Independence Showdown earlier this year by clicking here.


Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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