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Second Annual Working Man’s 10 Grands Pays Overtime

Final Call Promotions presents the second annual Working Man’s 10 Grands as two drivers pick up $10,000 paychecks. This is the only job that you won’t want to call in sick for.

XENIA, OH – Final Call Promotions second event, The Working Man’s 10 Grands, was contested August 28-30 at a new location- Kil-Kare Raceway in Xenia, Ohio. The twin $10,000 to win format is back along with the addition of a $5,000 to win Bike Shootout.

The two-day format makes this event perfect for, dare I say, the working man because it doesn’t require you to take vacation time to go big money bracket racing. Although, if you choose to clock out early and roll in the gate on Friday, there’s a gamblers race waiting for you to turn on some win lights.

Although the main event is designed for the Top ET crowd, No Box racers also have their chance to shine with their separate class. The bottom bulb winner picks up $2,500 for their winning efforts. If you were feeling lucky, a high roller No Box tech card moves the winner over into the next round of Top bulb competition for a shot at the $10K top prize!

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TFC Transportation Company Friday

Friday’s original schedule included a gamblers race that over 220 entries signed up for. Due to an unfortunate weather delay and midnight curfew, it would be impossible to finish a race that large. Instead, two 100% payback shootouts were contested- one with 32 entries and the other with 16 entries.

Up first in the 32 Car Shootout, it was an all Chevrolet door car match up between Derek Davish in the Vega and Matt Dadas in the Camaro. Only .002 separated the pair in reaction times and Dadas had the advantage, but Davish gets to the stripe by .002 to pick up the $3,200 win.

friday 32 car shootout winner derek davish
Derek Davish picks up the first win of the weekend
matt dadas friday 32 car shootout runner up
Matt Dadas is Friday’s 32 Car Shootout runner up

The other shootout with 16 entries turned into an all dragster final between two Ohio drivers: Jerry Hollingsworth and Michael Ruark. Hollingsworth misses the tree a bit and runs .007 under his dial, but picks up the win as Ruark lets go .004 red.

friday 16 dragster shootout winner jerry hollingworth
Jerry Hollingsworth takes the win
friday 16 dragster shootout runner up michael ruark
Michael Ruark picks up the runner up Friday

Welcome to the Smoke Show

What’s a big money bracket race without a burnout contest? Promoter Jake Hodge never wants to find out. The rear tires and action were heating up in the 5050 Race Cars Burnout Contest Saturday morning. Ray Boyer was the defending title holder and made an amazing effort in his Camaro, but it was Joshua Morgan, aka “The Vanilla Gorilla” who picked up the win in his Blazer.

burnout contest winner smoke photo joshua morgan
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography
josh morgan burnout contest
Josh Morgan “The Vanilla Gorilla” wins the burnout contest. That is the 330 cone, for reference
Ray Boyer’s runner up efforts, I’d imagine the guy on the scooter is still smelling smoke!
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography

Saturday No Box Results

51 bottom bulb racers rolled through the waterbox on Saturday to compete in the No Box class. Round six was down to the semifinals where Joe Barney, and Cody Alumbaugh would face Steve Collier who still had two entries.

Collier advances his first entry into the final round when he was .017 green beside Barney’s .008 red light. He came right back around to face Alumbaugh who was .009 to Collier’s .004 reaction time. The double breakout win light would illuminate in Collier’s lane giving him the win and runner up spot in No Box.

Steve Collier had purchased a High Roller No Box tech card, so he would then advance into round eight of Top bulb competition and turn on another win light. His winning streak would come to an end at three cars when he takes just a hair too much finish line and breaks out by .0015 against Hunter Whitehead.

saturday no box winner & runner up steve collier
Steve Collier gets the win and runner up in No Box

Mayes Powder Coating & Sandblasting Saturday’s Main Event

There were 280 Top bulb entries eager to fight for their chance at the $10,000 payday. The final pairing was a classic door car versus dragster duel between Rick Schneider and Hunter Whitehead. Whitehead turns it .001 red in his Camaro giving the win over to the dragster. Schneider was going to be a tough run anyways as he lets go .008 and runs dead on with a nine to be .017 total.

saturday main event winner rick schneider
Rick Schneider earns the first $10K paycheck of the weekend
saturday main event runner up hunter whitehead
Hunter Whitehead is Saturday’s $10K runner up

32 Bike Shootout

The Liguori Drag Racing sponsored $5,000 to win Bike Shootout delivered tough competition between 32 riders. The last two racers to compete were a pair from Ohio, Larry Hunter and Bradley Shellhaas. Hunter is .004 on the tree and runs .023 above the dial for the win. Shellhaas was .015 on the tree but broke out by .004 at the finish line.

Larry Hunter earns $5K in the Liguori 32 Bike Shootout
larry hunter vs bradley shellhaas motorcycle final
Larry Hunter versus Bradley Shellhaas in the 32 Bike Shootout final

Sunday’s Pit Vehicle Race

The slo-mods were the first out on the track on Sunday in the pit vehicle race. After a lot of fun competition, Gaige Brenton picked up the win on the moped.

pit vehicle race winner gaige brenton working mans 10 grands
Photo credit: Chris Simmons Photography

Sunday No Box Results

The finals of No Box came down to Michael Collier and Charlie Lockhart. Collier had the advantage at the starting line with an .028 light, but runs .007 under the dial in as Lockhart is .017 above for the win. Lockhart had purchased a High Roller tech card, so he advanced into the next round of Top bulb with five cars remaining.

no box final round sunday michael collier and charlie lockhart
Michael Collier versus Charlie Lockhart in the No Box final round
michael collier sunday no box runner up
Michael Collier is Sunday’s No Box runner up in the Malibu Wagon

Grizzly, Inc Sunday’s Main Event

Charlie Lockhart battled through two additional rounds of Top bulb competition to earn his way into the $10,000 final round. Dave Angelly fought his way through nine rounds to make it a dragster versus door car final. Lockhart leaves .014 too soon giving the automatic win to Angelly who was .026 green and coasts into the winner’s circle collecting his paycheck.

sunday main event winner dave angelly
Dave Angelly cashes in for $10K
sunday no box winner and main event runner up charlie lockhart
Charlie Lockhart wins No Box and is runner up in the $10K Main Event

Thanks to MotorManiaTV for streaming all of the action live and congratulations to all the finalists. Final Call Promotions will bring back the Working Man’s 10 Grands in 2021 and if you haven’t been a part of the action yet, you’re missing out. Go ahead and shine up your helmet, slide on your work boots, and clock in next year for the best work weekend of your life.

Stay tuned to DragChamp for more updates and information. If you’re still in the mood for race results, why don’t you click here to see who won the highest paying Footbrake race in history?


Jessica was born into a family of drag racers and fell in love with the sport at a young age. She began competing at 13 and has been hooked ever since! She even met her husband at the World Footbrake Challenge VII. Jessica works full time as an Ultrasound Technologist but spends almost every weekend chasing win lights at IHRA and NHRA bracket races.

You can contact her at Jessica@dragchamp.com or on her Facebook page.

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