Huffman has a Strange Feeling during Racing Down Town

WAXAHACHIE, TX– Things are getting a little strange in the racing world. With no on track racing happening with NHRA and events dealing with COVID-19 effects, but that doesn’t stop Chase-N-Dad Racing from signing deals. Strange Engineering and Chase-N-Dad Racing announce today the start of a long inked partnership. Webster’s defines partnership as; a relation existing between two or more parties associated as joint principals in a business, and that is just what Strange and the Father-Son duo plans to do, to work together for the greater good of Strange Engineering.

Chase-N-Dad Racing will be adding the Strange Engineering brand to their long list of products they currently sell trackside. The team will be stocked with many Strange Engineering items, such as; brake calipers, caliper rebuild kits, front & rear brake pads, as well as 35 & 40 spline 3rd members, and more. This will allow racers at all NHRA Lucas Oil Division 4 events to have a Strange Engineering trackside parts and service team. 

“We have used Strange Engineering products for many years now, their quick service has bailed us out a few times,” stated Chase Huffman. “Over the past years our trackside parts sales have grown and we are asked multiple times a year for Strange Products. So adding Strange to the trackside trailer was the only answer to the problem.”

The team will have Strange items on hand at all events they are in attendance at; NHRA Division 4 National and Divisional events, local bracket races, big money races, select NHRA Division 5 events, etc. Already known for being the Lucas Oil contingency contact at NHRA events, Chase-N-Dad will be easy to find at events for customers. 

You won’t have to just wait until you arrive at the track to purchase Strange Engineering products from Chase-N-Dad Racing, you will be able to order parts at any time from Rick or Chase. A new e-commerce website has also been created, CNDRacing.com, the site will be updated with the Strange Engineering items shortly. 

“Racers know that we like to race and will do pretty much anything to get back on track. To do that we have to carry parts and products to get our cars back in competition if and when there is a part failure,” added Rick Huffman. “Adding Strange to our line will allow us to offer Strange products directly to racers along with technical support.”

The first stocking order is currently in transit from Strange to the CNDRacing.com headquarters. As well as one of the teams trailers is at Performax Trailers being updated with some new cabinets to haul the Strange and other products. 

“The Huffman name is known well in Division 4 and the southern United States. We are excited to be teaming up with them for 2020 and the long haul. During this time of no racing has allowed us to focus on this partnership and get the team fully equipped and educated in Strange products. This is the first step in partnership that will be long and lasting, not just for us (Strange & Chase-N-Dad) but for Strange customers as well,” stated Strange Engineering Sales Manager JC Casio. 

The Chase-N-Dad team currently stocks the following items for trackside support:

  • Lucas Oil; Racing Oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, brake fluid, brake clean, slick mist, etc.
  • CL Brake Pads
  • Redhorse Performance; AN fittings and braided hose
  • Racepak
  • Advanced Product Design (APD); Carburetors, fuel systems, drive mandrels, throttle stops.
  • NGK Spark PLugs
  • Renegade Race Fuel
  • Mickey Thompson Tires & Wheels (trackside delivery and offsite mount & balance service)
  • FTI Performance; Transmissions & Converters
  • Meziere Performance; Starters, water pumps, & flexplates
  • SDPC Raceshop

“Our goal is to have all the needed items to build a car in the trailer,” joked the father-son team, “we don’t plan to build a car at the track but we will do our best to have all items needed to fix any issue that may arise at the track.”

So don’t just race, RACE STRANGE!

Make sure to check out the full Strange Engineering line at https://www.strangeengineering.net/and see Rick or Chase at an event near you this race season. 

Strange Engineering will fly along with other returning marketing partners; Accelerated Graphics, AGS Tire & Wheel, Lucas Oil, SDPC Raceshop Racing Engines, FTI Performance, NGK Spark Plugs, Callies Performance Products, Advanced Product Design, Wiseco Pistons, Renegade Race Fuels, California Car Cover, Mickey Thompson Tires, & Vahlco Wheels.

You can also find more about Chase-N-Dad Racing online at www.ChaseNDadRacing.com or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/chasendad. If you’d like more information on this topic, please contact Chase Huffman @ (817) 648-9900 or via email chuffman431a@gmail.com.

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