JEGS NHRA SPORTSnationals and Divisional Results

Racers gathered to New England Dragway over the weekend for the double header – The JEGS SPORTSnationals and the D1 Divisional event. 

Beginning the week with a day of testing, New England Dragway hosted the D1 Divisional Event along with the JEGS SPORTSnationals. Racers came from all over in hopes to leave with a Wally, or two!

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Racing was halted Sunday night after a rain shower hit and forced the remaining cars left in competition to finish at a later date.

Read more below on the weekend race results!

D1 Divisional Event Results

Competition Eliminator

Pete D’Agnolo collected his second LODRS Wally after defeating Lee Zane in the final round. D’Agnolo had the starting line advantage and never looked back for the victory.

Frank Aragona Jr. was the semi-finalist.

Super Stock

Michael Iacono defeated Anthony Bertozzi in the final round to take home his eighth LODRS Wally. Iacono had the starting line advantage, .043 to .057, and ran 9.952 on his 9.95 dial-in. 

Bryan Worner was the semi-finalist.

Stock Eliminator

In a F/SA heads up final, Lenny Williams proved to be the faster car after defeating Tom O’Laughlin in the final round. Williams ran -0.890 under while O’Laughlin ran -0.561 under the 11.85 index.

Super Stock winner Michael Iacono was the semi-finalist.

Super Comp

Amanda Boicesco

Amanda Boicesco won her third LODRS Wally after defeating Michael Bodnar in the final round. Bodnar had the starting line advantage, .004 to .011, but took too much stripe and broke out by .001, giving Boicesco the trophy. 

Rich Dorr was the semi-finalist.

Super Gas

John Labbous Jr. took home his tenth LODRS Wally after defeating Rich Price in the final round. Price had problems, handing the trophy over to Labbous who was .001 at the hit.

Michael Handras and Ted Leahy were the semi-finalists.

Super Street

Taylor Iacono

Taylor Iacono won her second LODRS Wally after defeating Jack Webster in the final round. Iacono had a .028 package, sending Webster to the trailer.

Steven Knight and Patrick Nuzzo were the semi-finalists.

Top Sportsman

Jeff Brooks defeated Larry Willard in the final round, taking home his ninth LODRS Wally. Willard had the starting line advantage, but Brooks chased him down for the win.

Richard Lachapelle and Michael Lubniewski were the semi-finalists.

Top Dragster

Al Kenny took home his second LODRS of the year after defeating Lauren Cultrera in the final round. Cultrera turned on the red bulb by -.006, handing the win over to Kenny who was .012 and ran a 6.208 on his 6.18 dial-in.

Anthony Bertozzi and Mike Coughlin were the semi-finalists.

After crowning the divisional champions, the JEGS SPORTSnationals began the next day. Unfortunately, rain hit and caused the remainder of cars remaining to be completed in conjunction with Maple Grove LODRS and Virginia LODRS.

JEGS SPORTSnationals Results

Competition Eliminator will finish their final at Maple Grove LODRS on Friday. Frank Aragona vs. Jay Schonberger.

Super Stock will be completed at Maple Grove LODRS on Friday. Six cars remain, Byron Worner vs. Michael Iacono; Bryan Worner vs. Richard Preiser; and Jacques Blais vs. William Kennedy.

Stock is still to be determined. Three cars remain, Thomas Fletcher vs. Allison Doll; and Bubba Linke with the bye.

Super Comp will be completed at Maple Grove LODRS on Thursday. In round Five Michael Bodnar defeated Antonio Benea before rain, Debra Moses and John Labbous Jr. were the next pair and Walter Olt has a bye.

Super Gas will be completed at Maple Grove LODRS on Friday. Five cars remain Rick Homan vs. Jerry Pierce; Jason Kenny vs. Dennis Territo; and Rich Price has a bye.

Super Street will be completed at Virginia LODRS on Thursday. In the semifinals Brian Sawyer vs Anna Lise LeBlanc; and Taylor Iacono has a bye.

Top Sportsman will be completed at Virginia LODRS on Thursday. The final is John Benoit vs. Craig Munroe.

Top Dragster will be completed at Virginia LODRS on Thursday. The final is Vince Musolino vs. Deborah DiGenova.

Congrats to ALL the winners, and good luck to those still competiting for the SPORTSnationals Wally!

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