Summit Motorsports Park to open no matter what

Summit Motorsports Park owner, Bill Bader Jr. announced late Wednesday evening that the track would be opening, “sooner than later”.

NORWALK, OH- The Coronavirus pandemic has challenged many businesses across the nation. One racetrack, Summit Motorsports Park stirred up the drag racing community after announcing the track would open even without permission to do so.

SMP owner, Bill Bader Jr.

“We are opening. Summit Motorsports Park is not going to wait for permission,” Bader said in the video.

Bader also expressed the difficulty of trying to schedule a year’s worth of programming after COVID-19 has disrupted the 2020 season. Many promoters have altered their schedules which has made SMP‘s scheduling job much more difficult.

Below is the Facebook Live from Summit Motorsports Park.

Bader’s decision to open up is strictly financial.

“We are starving, as honest as I can possibly be,” Bader said while discussing the employee layoffs, pay cuts, and loans that were used to upgrade the facility.

Bader announced that he will be holding another Facebook Live next week to discuss the full schedule and official opening information.

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