The Big Go with Mike Boehner – Part 1 Introduction

2019 NHRA Division 7 Super Gas Champ Mike Boehner kicks off his behind the scenes blog of his cross-country road trip to compete in the JEGS Allstars and the U.S. Nationals at INDY.

The team at DragChamp has partnered with 2019 NHRA Division 7 Super Gas champ Mike Boehner to bring you a behind-the-scenes look at his cross-country road trip to INDY! Mike will be competing in both the JEGS Allstars and U.S. Nationals for the first time and will share his experiences with us throughout the process. Learn more about Mike in the paragraphs below and look for more updates over the next couple of weeks.

When given the opportunity from Gary Don Free to share our trip to Indy for the U.S. Nationals and JEGS Allstars on DragChamp I was beyond ecstatic.  Not because I feel I have very much interesting to share (heck, lets face it, most of you don’t even know who I am), but because it’s a great way for me to give you a little inside look at the life of a “nobody” racing on the same stage as today’s biggest sportsman stars.


Since very few of you know who I am, let me give a short introduction to myself.  I am Mike Boehner, pronounced Bayner (I know, who woulda thunk, huh?). I drive a ’67 Camaro in Super Gas, and my wife Gillian drives a Super Comp dragster.  We moved to Lake Havasu City, AZ four years ago from northern Colorado.  My wife will tell you it was to get out of the flippin’ cold!  Anybody who knows Gilly, knows she doesn’t like to be cold.  She can often be found at the track wearing Carhart bib overalls, stocking hat and gloves.  I like to credit the move to Lake Havasu for the beautiful lake, and being much closer to more races. 

Mike and Gillian Boehner

My dad Kent, bought his first race car (the same 67 Camaro I drive today) in ’82.  I was just 5 years old.  He brought me along with him to purchase the car, and I’ll never forget that day.  I was so excited my dad was going to be a race car driver!  From that day on, all I could think about was drag racing.  I loved getting the National Dragster to read every word printed about the sportsman results.  My favorite issues were the results of the Federal Mogul Allstars.  I knew more about racers on the other side of the country, than I knew what was taught to me that day in school.   

Mike Boehner with dad

Super Classes are fun

By the time the early 90’s rolled around, my dad had purchased a dragster.  For many years we struggled to figure the throttle stop stuff out, but man was it fun!  That is when my love for the .90 classes really began!

In 2018, I decided to switch my car from Super Street to Super Gas and try my hand at a full divisional schedule for the first time.  I stumbled upon a decent amount of luck when I needed it, and finished the year #2 in the Pacific Division.  To be honest, it exceeded my expectations.  So my main goal for 2019 was just to go out and be competitive.  I didn’t want my first year to be a fluke!  Somehow, someway, I was able to win my first division championship as well as earn my first spot on a JEGS Allstars team. 

Which finally leads me to why I’m writing this today.  I would like to invite you all to follow along on our family trip to the other side of the country.

Gillian Boehner dragster

The Plan

Here’s what we have planned for our trip: There’s a lot of moving parts here, so try to stay with me, and I’ll do my best to be clear!

As I write this, my mom, Pam is on her way from Colorado to Montgomery, TX to pick up my sister Michelle.  Gillian and I are meeting her dad, Ed in Albuquerque, NM where he’ll be joining us in our motorhome. He will be coming from southern Colorado.  Our plan is to meet mom and Michelle in Little Rock, AR Sunday night.  From there, we plan to travel together stopping at various destinations along the way, eventually landing ourselves in Bowling Green for the LODRS race.

My goal is to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly of this trip. So be prepared, there will be some sights from the road, a whole lot of laughs, probably a few tears shed, possibly some broken parts (hopefully not), some dumb stuff caught on camera, and most likely a temper tantrum or two!  If you see us on the road or at the track, please stop by and say hi!

Mike Boehner

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